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Yadier Molina’s Jordan Catchers Gear (Chest Protector, Shin Guards)

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Yadier Molina makes #baseballswag history by donning the first ever Jordan catchers gear.  The gold Jumpman replaces the Nike logo, but structurally, Yadi’s Jordan gear is the same as his Nike set.  In one of our most commented-on Instagram posts in recent memory, most loved it, some hated it.  How do you feel?

The baby blue set is so swaggy, and having finally seen it in person, we think this is a patent leather that Yadi also had when he was with Rawlings.

Chances of Yadi’s Jordan gear releasing to the public = “Snowball’s chance in hell”

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  1. I love it that Yadi is not using Nike . .. ‘ hate Nike ! . . . wish all players would switch Nike !
    At least until they dump Kapernick and apologize to the World for hiring him .

  2. Jordan is made by Nike.

  3. Jordan baseball gear rocks. Kinda weird since it’s morebasketball related

  4. Jordan is made by nike bud

  5. why not get his own logo why use jordans? totally pointless. jordan wasnt even that good as a baseball player and only good in basketball because like kobie, lebron and kerry jordan was a ball hog and egotistical always having to take the shot. especially being part of the catcher brother duo surely molina could have a name brand company customize his gear and a logo of his own.

  6. You cant be old enough to have watched Jordan play or you watched him only at the beginning of his career and offence only. He was far more then your recollection. The more I think about the comment you likely are just trolling lol. Lebron tends to pass out of shot in the biggest moments. Then if you take away defense yeah all three scored alot and likely the coach was a part of that plan. Thats half the game though. We are talking about 3 players with incredible defense not average.

  7. Basketball belongs in Basketball baseball belongs in baseball.

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