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Like majority of the NFL, Josh Allen wears the XTech X2 Shoulder Pads. These pads are super customizable and light weight. Another feature that makes them a QB favorite, is the incredible range of motion. QB’s like Josh Allen need to be able to angle their arms in various ways […]

Tyreek Hill wears the Xtech X2 shoulder pads. Tyreek Hill, being one of the fastest football players on Earth, likes to keep his gear lightweight. The Xtech X2s are as light as it gets, and allow maximum range of motion, perfect for a wide receiver who can catch anything thrown […]

Davante Adams, like most of the NFL, wears Xtech X2 Shoulder Pads. Xtech makes some of the best shoulder pads available; lightweight and low-profile, essential for skill players like Davante Adams. They’re also built so players have maximum range of motion which makes going up for jump balls no problem. […]

DK Metcalf wears Xtech X2 shoulder pads. Xtech makes some of the lightest and low-profile pads on the planet. They also provide maximum range of motion which is perfect for a wide receiver.  DK needs his pads to be protective (obviously), lightweight to blow past DB’s, and non-restrictive to maximize […]

Rob Gronkowski’s shoulder pads are the most updated part of his gameday gear. Gronk wears the Xtech X2 Shoulder pads which are some of the best on the market. They are lightweight, protective, and offer a great range of motion. Overall, Xtech shoulder pads are an excellent option for any […]

Josh Jacobs, like many other NFL players, wear Xtech shoulder pads. Xtech shoulder pads are incredibly lightweight, customizable, and allow maximum range of motion. It’s not a surprise that an elusive back like Josh Jacobs would want his shoulder pads to be low-profile. You can get the same shoulder pads […]

Mike Evans wears the Xtech shoulder pads. Xtech is arguably the best shoulder pad brand available due to its lightweight, comfort, and protectiveness. They look great under his jersey and allow him to get his arms up for those jump balls in the redzone. You can get some Xtech pads […]

Henry Ruggs III is one of the fastest players in the league, running a 4.27 at the 2020 combine. To compliment his speed, Ruggs III prefers lightweight pads.  The Xtech X2 shoulder pads that he wears are some of the lightest available shoulder pads and comfortable, too. The beast feature […]

Xtech shoulder pads are the lightest and most protective on the market. Their XRD technology is lightweight, water-resistant and breathable, and proudly made in the USA! OBJ’s are wicked sleek and customized to fit him perfectly. Get XTech shoulder pads at XTechPads.com for $495.

Saquon Barkley rocks Xtech shoulder pads. They are some of the lightest, most comfortable shoulder pads on the market and allow plenty of mobility and protection for Saquon to shake or plow defenders. These shoulder pads are custom fit to Saquon’s body and preferences. You can get the same shoulder […]

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