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Category: <span>Catcher’s Corner</span>

I watched the Cubs play the Phillies a few days ago and as always I paid most attention to Chooch Ruiz and Wellington Castillo catching. Now you may have noticed that Wellington Castillo puts his skull cap forward underneath his helmet, instead of the traditional backwards cap. Just about everybody […]

Source Yesterday I talked about what John Buck would wear when he made his debut with the Pirates. It’s obvious that Buck wouldn’t wear the Statue of Liberty mask he wore in New York, so he wore this beauty. Source A simple yellow and black MVP4000 fresh out of the box from All Star. Just […]

When David Ross came back from his concussion a week ago, Ross switched from a MVP4000 hockey mask to a boring old Mizuno G2 traditional mask. Throughout his career Ross has always been a hockey mask guy, and one can only have a few Theory’s on why he switched. Source Ross and Brian McCann […]

The new Easton gear came out a few days ago, so lets take a look at what they’ve got and who’s wearing it.  The first set of new gear is called the Mako Set, the same set J.P. Arencibia brought out during his time with Team USA and the same set that he […]

Source Koyie Hill and Tuffy Goeswisch were both recently called up, Hill to the Marlins and Tuffy to the Diamondbacks. For Goeswisch this was his first time in a Major League uniform, and it was a long time coming. The guy spent 9 years in the minors with Philadelphia, Toronto […]

Source: J. Meric/Getty Images Wil Nieves wears TPX, a brand that doesn’t get much use behind the plate.  The TPX gear is available here, and the Omaha Flare here.   Teammates share gear with each other all of the time. If it’s a good product, more catchers want to know about it […]

“I have gotten crossed up in the past, and there is no worse feeling than running after the ball while 40,000 people are booing.”  That’s Chris Stewart of the New York Yankees, and he’s right. During night games catcher signals can often be hard to see in the shadows. Pitchers […]

Source It seems that Yan Gomes has added a red, navy, and white tricolor set of his Mizuno G2 catchers gear. His Chest Protector, Shinguards, and Mask can all be seen here. His normal G2 set set is a slight variation of this, with a navy primary, but red outline and grey secondary. This set used […]

Source: The American League Catcher Every year at the Home Run Derby two faceless and nameless catchers are chosen to help out with the All Star festivities. These guys are former Minor League baseball players whose careers dried up and by former connections, are called on to do bullpen catcher things […]

Source On July 4th Brian McCann brought out an old piece from the locker last night. And as you can see from the picture above, McCann used a two piece Mizuno G2 Mask last night after over a year of wearing the All Star MVP4000 hockey style mask. What’s even more strange about the […]

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