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Category: <span>Catcher’s Corner</span>

Source: Before Woah. Looks like Jose Lobaton switched up the catchers gear a bit. First time I’ve ever seen a Rays catcher wear yellow on a protector. Comes from the star in the Ray’s logo. I’ve always thought it would be interesting if a Ray’s catcher that wore an MVP4000 wore a […]

In another installment of Catcher’s Corner from WPW’s resident catching expert, Noah, we’ll take a look at a few of the college guys and their gear choices, including NC State Catcher Brett Austin’s rarely seen white gear.  For more CWS stuff, see our comprehensive guide to the CWS, here (Part 1) […]

Josh Thole Josh Thole is back up with the big league club in Toronto which leads us to a change in gloves. He went from a All Star Pro CM3000 glove to a black Mizuno GMP200 mitt. If you want to read more on Josh Thole read my previous post. He also has to use […]

Here’s Evan Gattis’ catchers repertoire to complete the profile.  Thanks to Noah (our resident catching expert) for the help here.  These Mizuno gloves are a work of art.  Glove Mizuno Pro GMP200 Limited Edition Catcher’s Mitt in Black Evan Gattis wears the top-of-the-line Mizuno Pro GMP200 in black, a glove that […]

Source Ted S. Warren As soon as Brandon Bantz comes up to the bigs, he is promptly sent back down to make room for fellow catcher Mike Zunino. Bantz wears a simple Minor League version of Major League System 7 All Star gear. Instead of the LG30PRO shin guards Bantz wears LG21PRO shin guards, a simpler […]

Source (Mark Bolton/Union Leader) Devin Ivany is a catcher for the Harrisburg Senators. A Minor League veteran who plays for a former Nationals catcher Mathew Lecroy in Harrisburg. There’s a good story about him here. Ivany wears the no frills CP25PRO protector and LG21PRO shinguards. He also wears an All Star FM25TI mask and the Wilson A2000 1791. Another great shot here. Source […]

Hey! Tony Cruz got to play after Yadier Molina’s Ejection. His 12th game played during this season. Yadier and Tony combined went a combined 0 for 4 while Buster Posey went 4 for 4. Interesting. Source Photo by Chris Lee Source Looks like Yan Gomes has switched the color of his Mizuno Pro […]

 Source (Rob Carr/Getty Images) Nice shot of Joe Mauer and his catcher gear oddities. Such as his “7M” on the collar and the Wilson WTA3121 skull cap. Also the wrist guard and the gold Rawlings label on his PROSCM41B glove for getting a Rawlings Gold Glove. Mauer also wears a set of Nike Pro Gold gear, the Pro […]

Scott City high school catcher wearing some yellow and blue System 7 and some old Rawlings glove. Cool System 7 gear though. Kentucky Catcher wearing the Nike Pro Gold chest protector and shin guards with a little “UK” on his collar. Also has an All Star Sun Visor. Source (Kevin Pataky/MiLB.com) This is the titanium Mizuno mask, a thinner, lighter […]

Source (Tim Heitman/USA TODAY Sports) For the first time I’ve seen A.J. Pierzynski wear red outline with his Nike Elite Protector and shinguards. We’ve seen four different combinations with A.J. The blue with red piping as you can see above, and here as well, and the blue with white piping has been wore on away games. While the red […]

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