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LSU, the SEC powerhouse, has been featured several times before on this site. Check out 2015 and 2014 here. This year the main dish is the Trout 2/2KFilth 1-2 killer combo. Read ahead to find out which cleat the Tigers prefer. According to an LSU player, “a lot of guys […]

LSU starts off the season as the #2 team in Baseball America’s national top 25 (behind National Champ Vandy), and the perennial contender knows as well as anybody how to show it off.  This is LSU’s second “S.I.O.” and you can check out their 2014 feature (which has more of the facilities) at […]

This is not a drill.

We mentioned it in our last past that DeMarini will be releasing their industry-first custom bat builder soon, and over the weekend WPW got a sneak peek at the tool itself.  I tried it out on mobile because I know that’s where a lot of you are coming from and I figured […]