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Editor’s Note: Will Startup aka Spikelangelo chimes in with a sparkling review of the Jordan Trunner Dominate Pro Metal, a rare eBay find, after picking up the “W” vs the Binghamton Mets, fanning two over 1 2/3rd innings. All I can say is wow! These cleats have married style and technology […]

Editor’s Note: In regards to the author, I just want to let you know who we’re dealing with here.  Will stepped in to rescue his starter in the 4th inning, then cruised through 3 scoreless vs. the Yankees AA affiliate.  He then wakes up the next morning and wastes no […]

Back with another installment of “Kick Game” (can’t think of a better name) brought to you by WPW’s favorite on-field reporter, @GeminiKeez.  Check out his website and most definitely watch the video on the front page where Rays’ hitters talk Chandler bats.  There’s some real interesting stuff about ash vs […]

Well, look who showed up fashionably late to the party. After Mizuno, Nike, and New Balance hit the market last week, UA has just released a second half entry of their own, the UA Yard ST. They might have missed out on a few early sales, but with this tactic, […]

This is an exciting time of year for baseball. I know you may be thinking trade deadline and pennant chases, but this is WPW, not MLBTR. We’re talking kicks.  Three major brands, Nike, New Balance, and Mizuno have all gone to market with their second half cleats. This second half […]

Editor’s Note: Introducing our biggest pick-up yet, Will Startup, pro pitcher in the Tigers’ organization.  Will has been as high as AAA, pitching to a 2.72 ERA paired with a sparkling 30-10 record in 8 seasons.  Where I’m from we call that Pumping the Pearl.  Will is currently working his […]

Get ’em here.

Check out these pictures sent over by Keez on Sports owner @GeminiKeez, which as I’ve said before is a no-brainer follow on Instagram.  For sneakerhead baseball fans, there’s nobody better.  Even @solecollector picked up on it yesterday by re-posting Gemini’s photo of D. Price’s 12s. vs Thanks go out to you […]

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