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Shane Victorino, aka “The Flyin’ Hawaiian,” has recently been wearing some gorgeous one-of-a-kind cleats that pay homage to his home state of Hawaii.  The timelessly fashionable Hawaiian themes you see below were done by JPCustomKicks.com, who does some incredible work on all kinds of footwear.  I’m not a “sneakerhead” type […]

The shoes are pretty.  The swing, not so much. In honor of the man who turned athletic footwear into a religion, here is a list of our 23 favorite baseball cleats inspired by basketball shoes.  Thanks to @SandlotSpikes, a guy who knows as much about baseball gear as anybody, for giving […]

Our boy Gemini Keez is getting better and better as the season wears on, giving us an up-close view of the gear we want to see.  Check out the Marlins’ and Mets’ gear choices from this past weekend and vote on your favorite piece below. Wilson A2K DW5 Rawlings Heart […]

A quick gallery thanks to WPW’s eyes on the field, @GeminiKeez.  You can find some other gear-related shots on his website, KeezOnSports.com.  The guy just GETS IT. Here’s the links to the gear pictured: Rawlings PROS17ICBR NIKEiD Gamer Cleats Nike Air Max Plus UA Spine Venom New Balance 4040v2 adidas […]

Recently featured on WPW’s Instagram, the new UA Spine Highlight, which we expected to see released on 10.1, is now available at Baseball Express (see them at that link).  Along with the taller Highlight, the Spine Low (blue, above) is also available.  I’m usually not crazy about UA designs but I […]

When we were in T-Ball, our cleats were plastic.  They were safe and kid-friendly.  When I graduated from Little League and moved on to Junior League and high school ball, I left plastic behind and laced up metal “spikes” as my high school coach made sure we called them.  The […]

I am always looking for cleats I haven’t seen. Earlier this season, at the Eastern League All-Star game, I was placed in a locker room full of prospects. And prospects mean shoe deals. As I was meeting some of the guys I happened to notice my locker mate had some […]

Its one thing to hear about it from a scrub like me, but its a whole other thing to talk gear with a guy who lives and breathes the lifestyle we all aspire for.  Adam Matthews is in the Reds system, and at 23 years old has a résumé that […]

It came to my attention (because of commenters’ viligance) that Evan Longoria recently switched out all of his Nike gear and is instead going with the more specialized companies, Franklin and New Balance.  The reason why?  We don’t know yet.  I hope one day we are at a point where […]

Gemini Keez (@geminikeez) comes through again this week with some NL East heat.  Check out his website, KeezOnSports.com for some more great photos, and as we’ve done with these in the past, if you know a shoe that I don’t, please let us know in the comments and I’ll ad […]

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