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Routine Baseball is a clothing brand dedicated to baseball and the lifestyle surrounding it.  They make stuff for ballplayers, like this artistic rendition of the GOAT Wendy Peffercorn.  Recently, they landed a huge deal with the MLB Players Association to produce player-themed tees with Routine-caliber style, and the result is […]

New Balance is not sneaking up on anybody anymore in baseball.  They’re a powerhouse, with some of the best in baseball on the NB roster.  They’ve earned a reputation in the last five years that has spread through dugouts and clubhouses everywhere.  There isn’t a ballpark in America that doesn’t […]

Kyle Ourso of Marucci Sports’ Pro Department takes a moment to discuss Marucci’s acquisition of Victus earlier this year.  Kyle also tells us about his favorite MLB superstars to work with, including Bryce Harper, Albert Pujols, and even Manny Ramirez.  If you have any questions for Kyle, please comment below […]

Joe Beimel has thrown 680 MLB innings.  If I threw 6 innings right now, my arm would detach itself from my body, pack its shit and leave.  That’s why you shouldn’t listen to me about how to care for your arm.  You should listen to Joe Beimel.  In WPW podcast […]

https://www.whatproswear.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/WPW-Podcast-2-The-Aussies-Edited.mp3 Todd Van Steensel, Australia WBC pitcher, chatted with WPW’s Mike, Jake, and Luke Acret, a former Australian national team member, about the WBC, adidas, and whether or not pitchers are athletes (Todd’s answer may surprise you). We actually spoke to Todd before the roster was announced, so we’d like […]

https://www.whatproswear.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/WPW-Podcast-1-Cleat-Buying-Guide-2017.mp3 Jake and Mike chat about baseball cleats in 2017.

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