WPW Podcast #2: WBC Pitcher Todd Van Steensel Talks Aussie Baseball

Screenshot_20170208-173403 (1)

Todd Van Steensel, Australia WBC pitcher, chatted with WPW’s Mike, Jake, and Luke Acret, a former Australian national team member, about the WBC, adidas, and whether or not pitchers are athletes (Todd’s answer may surprise you). We actually spoke to Todd before the roster was announced, so we’d like to congratulate Todd on making the team, and you can do the same on his Instagram… good dude and a WPW guy through and through:


Luke Acret, a former Japan pro and Australian native, is now WPW’s creative director and the reason our app has gotten flawless reviews.

This is the unreal brawl that we reference in the podcast:

Hope you enjoy it and if you missed our first podcast, where Jake and I discuss the 2017 cleat buying guide, check it out here.

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