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“Players Weekend” Spotlights Individuality of MLB (Aug 25-27)

players weekend jerseys

If you haven’t heard, MLB will celebrate the first ever “Players Weekend” from August 25-27, letting players express their personalities in a few different style-minded ways.

Pedroia Laser Show Jersey

The first thing you’ll notice is the jerseys, which will be all new for the weekend and the name on the back will be whatever the individual player wants it to be.  For example, Josh Donaldson’s jersey will say “Bringer of Rain,” and Aaron Judge’s will say “All Rise.”  These will all be available and can be shopped right now on MLB.com.  This is cool, but what we’re most excited about is the custom gear.


Many of the big name brands (like Franklin) have already dropped into the WPW inbox, giving us a sneak peek at what’s to come.  On these Players Weekend custom Powerstrap batting gloves (for sale here), you can see the Players Weekend logo, which shows the progression of a young player to a pro in the style of MLB’s iconic logo.


Here’s a CFX Pro design (available here) for Players Weekend.  Both of these Franklin batting gloves give us a hint at what to expect—some wild, flashy stuff.  For a league that is trying to shed its reputation as ultra-conservative and old-fashioned, this is a fun idea.  Though MLB’s average fan is 57 years old, Players Weekend should be a hit with young fans.

Cubs Players Weekend Hat

An added touch is some all-new hat designs, with brighter colors and some lesser known logos.  For example, this great-looking Cubs hat features the angry bear cub logo that first appeared on Cubs jerseys in 1979.  You can shop all the Players Weekend hats here.

Stance Players Weekend Socks

You might see some of the pants-up guys wearing these Stance socks, which also feature the Players Weekend logo.  These are available here.  / Youth sizes here.


When Victus broke the internet with Gary Sanchez’ HR Derby “Kraken” bat, which he didn’t even use (HUGE ERROR), Victus co-founder Jared Smith said to me, “Just wait for Players Weekend!”  Considering the incredible work they did with @smuglabs for the Kraken, WPW was anxiously awaiting Victus’ Players Weekend stuff.  Above you see a gorgeous “Tequila Sunrise” style JC24 bat for a Houston Astro.

1_Best (1)

Here’s a close-up of a gorgeous Pirates bat featuring the Roberto Clemente Bridge at the transition.


Another beautiful custom featuring Canada’s Maple leaf for Canada’s team, the Blue Jays.


Amazingly, these bats are actually available, limited to 100, and you can shop them here.

We’ll have much more on Players Weekend in the coming days.  Tag us on @whatproswear if you see anything cool.

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