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Chase Claypool has started Steelers training camp wearing the Jordan Vapor Knit 3.0. These are the 3rd (duh) version of the Nike Vapor Knit line and came out in 2019. Vapor Knits are Nike’s most premium receiver glove and are super lightweight. The back of hand is Nike’s flyknit which […]

For a couple games in the 2020 season, Chase Claypool wore Jordan Vapor Jet 6.0s. The Vapor Jet glove line has been around for over a decade and these are the 6th version. The Vapor Jet 6.0 came out in 2020 and is one of the best all around gloves […]

During his last couple seasons, Ezekiel Elliott has been wearing the Nike Superbad 5.0s. Superbads are Nike’s padded receiver glove line and have been around for over a decade. The feature little pads on the back of fingers to protect Zeke, and other players, hands when running between the tackles. […]

So far throughout the off-season, Ezekiel Elliott has been working out in the brand new 2021 Nike Superbad 6.0. These gloves released earlier this year and are built for the guys who bang around in the trenches but also carry the rock. They have plenty of padding on the back […]

Devonta Smith is wearing the Nike Superbad 5.0 gloves. The Superbad 5.0s are Nike’s “padded receiver” glove and released in 2019. They feature small pads that run up your fingers to protect them and also Nike’s super sticky “Magnigrip” palm. These are typically used by “Big Skill” players like RBs, […]


Travis Kelce wears the Nike Superbad 5.0 football gloves. These are the latest padded receiver glove from Nike (as of Feb. 2021) and are widely regarded as the best on the market. These gloves are built for ‘Big Skill’ guys like Travis Kelce, who have to bang in the trenches […]

Travis Kelce wears Nike Superbad 4.5 football gloves. These are hands down the best option for tight ends due to the padding. Tight ends at all levels are expected to both block in the trenches and catch a deep ball down the seam. Nike Superbads have small pads that run […]

Tyreek Hill wears Gripboost “Peace” gloves. These gloves were designed to mimic his “Peace Sign” celebration. Rumor has it, the NFL fined Tyreek Hill for throwing up the Peace Sign on his way to the endzone. In response, Tyreek teamed up with Gripboost and came up with these Peace Sign […]

Davante Adams is one of the few NFL athletes to be signed with Jordan, wearing the Vapor Jet 6.0 gloves in unique Packers colorways. Jordan football gloves are a rebranded version of Nike gloves. The Vapor Jet 6.0 is the 6th version of their receiver glove line that started over […]

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