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For the first day of Packers’ training camp, Davante Adams wore this stunning Oakley Violet Iridium visor. At first I thought the violet iridium was a strange choice (since the Packers wear green and gold), but DA makes it work. It looks super sleek mounted on his Schutt Air XP […]

Throughout his rookie season, Ruggs kept swapping between the Riddell Speedflex and the Schutt F7. Now heading into his sophomore season, he’s wearing the Schutt F7. The Schutt F7 is a lightweight, safe helmet and scores a 5/5 on the Virginia Tech Helmet Rating Scale. This is my personal favorite […]

Henry Ruggs opened up Raiders training camp with an Oakley Mirror Visor mounted on his Schutt F7. The visor looks amazing and perfectly compliments the Raiders’ grey/black color scheme. It’s also probably helping to block out that harsh Vegas sun. The mirror Oakley visors are super hard to find but […]

Ezekiel Elliott is wearing the Riddell Speedflex. He has been in the Speedflex since 2014, when he was at Ohio State. Zeke’s speedflex is a “Precision-Fit” model. For these special helmets, Riddell scans a player’s head and then creates custom pads to fit them perfectly. Check out Riddell’s process below. […]

Ezekiel Elliott is rocking this beautiful Oakley Violet Iridium visor in training camp. This piece shines in the sun and looks great paired with his Speedflex. Zeke always brings the heat in training camp and pre-game, if only he was allowed to wear them in-game… (only clear visors are allowed […]

Ezekiel Elliott wears a Sportstar Victory T-Rex Hurricane chinstrap on his helmet. Sportstar chinstraps are becoming more common in the NFL because they are proven to be safer and more comfortable. They are built with medical grade foam that looks good and absorbs contact. They’re a very subtle, but sweet […]

Baker Mayfield has been wearing the Sportstar GX-4 Chinstrap since his first year with Oklahoma. Sportstar chinstraps are the best on the market. They are scientifically proven to absorb more contact and be more comfortable than other chinstraps. Check out the science here. They also look amazing and are one […]

Baker Mayfield continues to wear a clear Oakley visor in practice, pre-game, and in-game (unless it’s raining). Visors are an excellent way to improve your helmet game and Oakley makes some of the best. Visors help block out the sun and keep stuff out of your eyes (like fingers). You […]

Baker Mayfield wears one of the coolest facemasks in the game, the “808”. If you look closely at the facemask bars, you can actually see the “808” within it. The “808” mask originated with Marcus Mariota. He wore this mask to pay homage to his home state, Hawaii and 808 […]

Heading into the 2021 season, Baker Mayfield is still wearing the Riddell Speed. Despite being released over 10 years ago, the Riddell Speed is still a very popular choice in the NFL. The Speed has a timeless shell and Riddell has continued to upgrade the padding, The helmet scores a […]

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