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Bryce Harper’s Bauerfeind Sports Elbow Brace

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Bryce Harper has been consistently wearing the Bauerfeind Sports Elbow Brace, an advanced brace ($204 at Amazon) that I’ve personally used in an attempt to recover from a UCL injury, which Bryce also suffered recently. 

Bryce was diagnosed with a tear in his UCL on a throw from the outfield in April.  When I did the same thing pitching, I knew I wouldn’t be able to throw much, but I, like Bryce, still wanted to hit.  While the injury didn’t really affect my swing, I was often hyperextending my elbow, especially on swings and misses. 

It hurt, and I’ll bet Bryce wears the brace for that reason, too.  The Bauerfeind brace has a harness system that actually helps to decelerate your elbow without restricting natural movement.  Its a sophisticated brace with moving parts that you’re using at full speed, which makes it a little tricky to wear and use properly—I struggled and eventually I didn’t want to fuss with it anymore.  Bryce, on the other hand, has sports medicine professionals that are invested in his health, and I’m sure they taught him to wear it right.  I highly recommend that, if you’re going to try this, talk to a doctor or Bauerfeind to be sure you’re not spending $200 for a piece of equipment you can’t use.

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