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Francisco Lindor’s Rawlings REV204-2X 11.5″ Glove (2020 “REV1X”)

Lindor, via his Instagram, finally gave us a name for the half-synthetic, half-leather glove that showed up mysteriously at Spring Training 2020: “REV1X.”  More specifically, the model on the pinky, REV204-2X is the glove that Lindor is currently wearing in games.  Its an 11.5″ glove with some never-before-seen features and there is no release info on it.  You can shop Lindor’s previous game glove at Rawlings.com for $300, or read on for speculation and wonderment.

Rawlings declined to give specifics on this glove, but it appears to be a leather & synthetic combination, and while it superficially resembles those Nike synthetic gloves from a few years back (that George Springer still wears), this looks far more advanced.

The inside of the glove is clearly leather, as are the outsides of the double-welted fingers, the binding, the web, the lacing, and the finger pad.

While much of it is leather, the most noticeable part of the glove, the back of the fingers, seems to be a synthetic material. Rawlings did an incredible job of combining the synthetic materials with the leather. It gives the glove a futuristic look and its gotten a lot of players’ attention, including a Platinum Glover in Francisco Lindor.

via @lindor12bc on IG

WPW commenter KENNY said: “No thumb/pinky loops plus an elastic-looking wrist strap. Interesting glove here.”

While the aesthetic appeal has been debated on our IG, Lindor plays by his own rules.  He added platinum binding, laced the I-Web red, slapped his hard-earned PLATS on and has given this glove the full-time gig at shortstop.

While you can’t get this glove just yet, expect it to release.  Shop Lindor’s all-leather model in the meantime, at Rawlings for $300.

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