Josh Donaldson’s Marucci Founders’ Series I-Web Glove

Marucci, not Mizuno, has won Donaldson’s heart after a long relationship with Rawlings.  The Bringer of Rain dons a Marucci glove in 2018.

The glove is an absolute beaut.  Here are the specs:

  • 11.75” I-Web with Japanese Kip leather shell
  • Founders’ Series I-Web pattern and padding construction
  • Modified Donaldson requested pinky pattern shape for a more comfortable two-finger shift

In Donaldson’s new Marucci glove, you’ll notice the three laces instead of two on the web.  This is the only difference between Donaldson’s glove and the glove that you can build on Marucci’s custom glove builder.  JD probably liked that feature in Mizuno’s gloves and requested it from Marucci.  You won’t see that in Marucci’s offerings, though—that’s player exclusive.

Customize the closest alternative to Donaldson’s new Marucci glove here.

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