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Manny Machado’s Rawlings Pro Preferred PRONP5-7KN Glove (NP7)

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Manny Machado is gaming two different gloves in 2019.  This one also has a deceiving model number.  Where a PRONP5 is traditionally an 11. 75″, this camel V-Web is actually a PRONP7.  The PRONP7 pattern is 12 1/4″, a quarter inch longer than his other 2019 gamer.  Pro ballplayers don’t often change the size of their glove mid-season, as far as we know, but Manny is a defensive savant and must have a reason.

Machado flip-flops between Pro Preferred (kip leather) and Heart of the Hide (Japanese steerhide), and you could imagine, he probably gets enough gloves that, the leather type doesn’t much matter—its about feel for Manny, like so many other players.  For more on Pro Preferred vs Heart of the Hide, see our post about it.

Machado’s Glove Length: This one is 12 1/4″, but he also wears 12″.

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  1. I honestly think if you look closely at these laces they’re tan rather than camel. If you look at the camel laces on the stock Kris Bryant glove they are much more closely matched than the laces on this glove compared to the camel thumb and palm. Not sure if Rawlings offers this color lace in the custom site.

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