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Marcus Stroman’s Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO206F-14JR Glove

When your glove wins WPW’s 2nd ever Best of WPW award voting, there’s obviously a lot of pressure to follow up that heat with even more heat (not really but kinda).  Its not an easy task, but Marcus Stroman’s Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO206F-14JR glove for 2019 is definitely a strong follow-up.  I called this glove “gorgeous” on IG, and I maintain that opinion while some disagreed.  The vertical hinge basket web, closed back, and bright blue and gold look is unconventional, and that’s exactly what Marcus was probably going for.  Watching him pitch, its very easy to see that he is not afraid to be different, to be flamboyant, or to stand out.  In fact, he embraces it.  In that sense, this Rawlings Heart of the Hide glove is just like Marcus.

From Rawlings Pro Dept.:

“A couple of notes: the pattern is a Fastback pattern, but Stroman requested a closed back, which is something we only provide to pros and is not on our glove builder. Also, the 206F pattern is typically a 12” pattern, but Stroman requested 11.75”, so the link says 12” when Stroman actually uses the 11.75”.”

Shop the closest alternative to the Stro Show 2019 piece at this link for $360.


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