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Matt Olson

Matt Olson’s swing has a throwback look to it.  He stands there like he’s leaning up against the wall waiting for the bus, dangling the bat out into the opposite batters box.  Just as the pitcher is ready to throw, Olson lifts his hands back into firing position, barrels one up and before you know it he’s in a high, majestic Ted Williamsy finish.  He dismounts with a simple pivot, dropping the bat barrel down on its end first, then letting it drop to the ground gently, making not a sound.  Head down, light jog.

While he isn’t flipping, javelin-throwing, or nunchucking his bat on every homerun, Matt Olson’s approach is also a bit unconventional.

He’s got a lot of interesting stuff to say about hitting, and he gets results.

Check out Matt Olson’s tools of the trade below.

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