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Matt Chapman’s New Wilson Glove is a Must-See + $250 Giveaway to Dick’s Sporting Goods

(For the $250 giveaway to Dick’s Sporting Goods, read on.)

WPW’s 2020 Cactus League tour began with our home team, the Oakland Athletics. The same site of our Big League debut, Will Ferrell Day.

Matt Chapman’s glove wins the day

Will Ferrell did not appear, but Matt Chapman’s new Wilson A2K is bigger news in our world, anyways.

Image Courtesy of @WilsonBallGlove

Chapman’s glove breaks new ground for Wilson. While Chappy’s got two Gold Gloves and two Platinum Gloves, these are Rawlings-sponsored awards, and he’s also got a Wilson Defensive Player of the Year award (2018).

Image Courtesy of @WilsonBallGlove

To capitalize on that moment, Wilson did something we’ve never seen done before for any player… instead of the Wilson “W” by itself, they embroidered it within the silhouette of the Defensive Player of the Year trophy.

Image Courtesy of @WilsonBallGlove

WPW got to speak with Chappy about the glove (Locker Tour to come so you ought to subscribe), and he was so excited about the glove that he said he’s looking to game it as soon as possible.

Image Courtesy of @WilsonBallGlove

Chappy was especially pumped about the stamping inside the glove, which is an outline of his “how-low-can-you-go” defensive stance.

Chapman’s glove will launch with Wilson’s game model lineup in July. Here’s the basics:

  • 11.75”
  • H-Web
  • Black Pro Stock Select/Black SnakeSkin Pro Stock Select
  • Kelly Green and Vegas Gold stitching

Until then, shop his most recent game model at Dick’s, another sick glove.

Image Courtesy of @WilsonBallGlove

Chapman also dropped his college teammate Nick Hurtado’s initials and number on the ring finger. Hurtado died of cancer before he could realize his dream of making the Bigs, so Chapman brings Nick to the field with him every day, in his heart.

Matt Olson

There were others playing baseball on this day, including the other Matt, Matt Olson, who brought out his trusty Rawlings Pro Preferred PROSDCT with the gold labels.

Olson has stayed with the Under Armour Yard in spring. In our first impressions of camp, we haven’t noticed many new cleat styles, but there’s nothing wrong with getting MLB cleats at good prices. Dick’s has the Yards for $55-$85 and Baseball Express has the metals for $20 less than Dick’s.

Jorge Mateo’s 44Pro Glove

Patient A’s fans will be happy to see Jorge Mateo, who was a big piece of the 2017 Sonny Gray deadline deal and will be battling for the 2020 vacancy at second base.

Mateo wore a 44Pro custom I-Web glove. Looks about as small as a glove can look, so maybe 11 or 11 1/4 inch, and it looks like their starting at $185 PRO44 model (that would make it a 44Pro Pro 44).

If the second base job was a battle of swag, it feels like Mateo would be the front-runner. He’s rocking Franklin CFX Pro batting gloves ($45-$50 custom at FranklinSports.com) in white with yellow trim, and his double-strap Evoshield had double the names ($75 at Evoshield.com) just in case Bob Melvin forgets who slugged .504 in Vegas last year. The adiZeros ($99 at Dick’s in many colors) are a good fit for the Oakland whites.

Comment below or tag us on the WPW app! One lucky commenter in the month of February will win a $250 e-gift card to Dick’s Sporting Goods from WPW.

What do you think about Chappy’s new piece? What are you seeing at Spring Training? I’m always trying to encourage more community as its much better that way and we are always learning from you all. So… the best comment on WhatProsWear.com or WPW app for the month of February will win a $250 gift card to Dick’s Sporting Goods. We’ll make an additional donation of $5 to Dick’s Sports Matter program to help give every kid a chance to play. If you get the WPW app, you can tag @whatproswear. Going forward, we’ll name a community winner every month and he or she will get a prize from us.


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  9. Plz baseball gods let me win the 250$ giveaway

  10. Matt Chapman is, without argument, the best third baseman in the league, and I base a lot of my play off of him. He is a role model on and off the field, and should be way more appreciated than he is.

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    1. Edwin,
      Congratulations, you are a co-winner of the Dick’s Sporting Goods giveaway. To claim your $125 prize, please use the WPW CONTACT page to confirm your email address. We will send you an eGift card to that email, so make sure its legit. Thanks for helping make WPW better.

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