Mike Trout’s Nike Force Zoom Trout 5 Cleats (2018)

Mike Trout and Nike have released the Nike Force Zoom Trout 5 cleats and turfs in time for Trout’s 7th All-Star Game in as many seasons.  Shop the Trout 5 cleats and turfs here.

The Nike Force Zoom Trout 5 is a showstopper, just like its predecessors.  What stands out visually is the upper, which Nike has dubbed “PowerMap.”

PowerMap is a “generative molded upper” that delivers support and “locked-in feel” for the most explosive player in baseball.  This is the second Nike shoe with this type of material, the other appeared on the tennis court.  The PowerMap upper also delivers a unique look that makes the Trout 5 cleat look more streamlined (in my opinion).  These might be the prettiest Trouts ever.  We’re curious to hear your opinion in the comments.  Tag us @whatproswear.

Trout also picked up a new logo with the Trout 5, embroidered into the heel loop right next to Trout’s New Jersey area code.

The loudest of all available options are the Trout 5 All-Star cleats.  Expect the two-time All-Star MVP Mike Trout to rock these cleats in Washington on July 17.  Shop them here.