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Baseball Express Introduces Rawlings Custom Glove Builder, Looks Legit


Just came across Baseball Express’ new Rawlings custom glove builder today and I am seriously impressed with it.  Just spent a good hour trying it out and here are the key takeaways:

  • Tons of colors, especially with Heart of the Hide leather, though you can customize a Pro Preferred, too.
  • Total freedom with respect to pattern and colors.
  • The coolest thing for me is that you can replace the Rawlings script on the index finger with a flag of your choice (tons of choices) and you can even replace the “R” on the thumb with your number, though I feel like that’s sacrilegious.
  • $319.99 for the HOH Cal-inspired beauty I created
  • $419.99 for custom Pro Preferred leather


Rawlings has finally figured it out (its about time!) and has done a very nice job with it.  Go ahead and give it a shot and tweet or Instagram your design.  I love seeing what you guys come up with.  And after you’re done playing around with it, I am curious to know: now that Rawlings has a legitimate option, which custom glove would you be more likely to buy?


  1. This is also on the Rawlings website at rawlingsgear.com

  2. rawlings has had that for years…I’ve had one for 3 years now

    1. ya I didn’t realize this.

  3. dos it have the orange tan color option

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