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WPW’s 7 Best Gloves at Shortstop: Lindor, Correa, Swanson

Correa at Short

The shortstop position in the Big Leagues is an elite fraternity of the greatest, most athletic fielders in the world.  Shortstop, aside from catcher, is the most demanding position on the field, and a player’s glove is his livelihood.  Here are the best gloves that the best shortstops are taking to their spot every game.

Dansby Swanson – Wilson A2K 1787 Glove

Dansby Swanson Wilson A2K 1787 Glove 2

When it comes to the cleanest gloves, Dansby Swanson’s glove comes to my mind. That blonde color is filthy yet clean, and Swanson’s choice to go with navy laces was a great decision.

Swanson’s glove is 11.75″, and is Wilson’s 1787 pattern.

Wilson released Swanson’s glove as the Glove of the Month December. Everyone loved it, and it sold fairly well. However, just like every other GOTM, it was a limited release.

Get Dansby Swanson’s glove here.

Addison Russell – Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS205-2BCWT Glove

Addison Russell made a mid-season switch to the glove you see above, a blonde, red, navy, and black Pro Preferred Wingtip. I am a huge fan of this colorway.

Russell’s glove is 11.75″ with an I-web. Russell has gone on to using Wingtip patterns for his past couple gloves, and this glove is no different.

Russell’s glove is available as a stock glove here.

Carlos Correa – Wilson A2000 1787 Glove

Correa at Short

Carlos Correa Wilson A2000 1787 Glove

In games, Correa has been wearing this Wilson A2000 1787 which is a carry-over from his short minor league career.  He feels comfortable with this one, but between this and the new one (below), there’s no question which one is prettier:

Carlos Correa Wilson A2000 CC1 Glove 4

Carlos Correa Wilson A2000 Glove

Carlos Correa’s A2000 CC1 is a very, very nice glove. It is gray, navy, and orange to match Correa’s team colors. This glove is given the novelty model number, the CC1, but its the 1787 11.75″ with an I-Web. You can get this exact glove here.

Brandon Crawford – Rawlings Pro Preferred PRO200-6KB Glove




Brandon Crawford still uses this camel and black beauty, an 11.75″ Rawlings Pro Preferred with an H-Web. It isn’t flashy, but the color combo is just about perfect. You can get it

Andrelton Simmons – Mizuno Pro Limited GMP400 Glove

Andrelton Simmons Mizuno I-Web Glove

As of this writing, Andrelton Simmons is in a three-way tie with Francisco Lindor and Addison Russell for defensive WAR among MLB shortstops, so he and his beautiful Mizuno GMP400 11.5″ fit nicely on this list.  You can get this one here.



Elvis Andrus – Wilson A2000 1788SS Glove

Elvis Andrus

Andrus uses the smallest glove of the bunch, an 11.25″ Wilson A2000 1788. Andrus went with a simple blonde, black, and red colorway, with the back being Super Skin. It just looks so good used and new. You can get it here.

Francisco Lindor – Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS15ICB Glove

Francisco Lindor’s Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS15ICB is amazing. The black Pro Preferred Leather looks great with the red laces. The white stitching offsets the black leather very well. Overall, this glove may be the nicest of the bunch. You can get it here.

A couple takeaways from the gloves featured:

  • 5 of the 7 gloves are 11.75″.
  • 6 of the 7 players went with the I-Web.
  • 5 of 7 gloves had a camel/blonde base.

At first I thought most pros shortstops used 11.75″ gloves, but I was wrong. However, only less than one-third of Shortstops use 11.75″ gloves (Source: BallGlovesOnline.com). Pretty amazing that a lot of the shortstops with the coolest gloves use 11.75″ gloves.

Which is your favorite?

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