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Easton Mako “Torq” Bat with Dynamic Handle that Rotates with Your Hands

Easton made a splash last year around this time with the original Mako bat, and now they’ve taken it a step farther with an innovation that the game of baseball has never seen before.

Easton Mako Torq Rotating Bat

The Easton Mako Torq is one-of-a-kind, a bat whose handle actually rotates as a device to promote a fully extended swing, with the top palm facing up, and bottom palm facing down.  By allowing your wrists to move freely, the Mako Torq stays in the hitting zone for as long as possible—at least that’s the idea.  Easton intends to accomplish this by enabling the bottom few inches of the Mako Torq handle (the black part, hypothetically where your bottom hand is) to rotate independently from the rest of the bat.

As I said, that’s the idea.  I have not swung anything like it, so I would definitely like to use it before saying its going to change the world, but at the very least its a compelling concept and Easton deserves credit for bringing some innovation to the aluminum bat despite the strict regulations that govern them. There are no release details on this one, but if we remember last year, the original Mako hit stores on August 31.  I’d expect a similar pattern, but nothing confirmed as of yet.  Best to keep an eye out on Easton’s social media for updates.  Our source explained that Easton shipped these out this week to their College World Series hopefuls, and said that they are game ready.  Sounds like they’re Omaha-bound. So, without picking one up, could you see this as a game-changer?  As I said, whether you think its a gimmick or not, Easton should be congratulated for an aggressive attempt at innovation.



  1. What happens when some guys have smaller hands that cause top hand to be in rotating part? Would this hurt your swing? Also with guys with bigger hands will it change extension and swing? I feel like it may be a good try, but could end in a bust.

    1. When will this awesome bat come out

  2. I know the guys at my alum tested them and HATED them

    1. whois your alum because i know which college tested it

  3. seems like this would teach you bad habits that when translated to wooden bats would hinder your development as a player

  4. I’ve always noticed that the hands tend to want to rotate independently during the swing. The only question I have is whether power will be lost when the bottom hand is allowed to rotate freely. Will it take away a powerful wrist snap?

  5. […] like anyone would do, to the little league bat registration site to see if such a thing was real or some guy was trying to punk middle aged fathers into looking for baseball bat financing. I found the […]

  6. This sounds like a horrible idea…sounds like a good way to break a super expensive bat.

  7. maybe you’re supposed to use you top hand and your bottom not at all wrist snap doesn’t matter and yeah would the bottom hand rotate freely if so that would stink

    1. ment to put , after maybe sorry bout that

  8. This bat is not aluminum, as you say above. It is composite.

  9. Ok first off, its supposed to be $550. Not many people will buy this bat just because of the unrealistic price on something nobody knows about. Second off, this is an unknown thing that few people know if it will actually work. Nobody was using it during the ncaa tournament which is already a bad sign. I think Easton went wrong on this one.

  10. This looks like a terrible idea. All it’s gonna help with is messing you up so when you switch to wood bats it will mess up your swing

  11. I think it would hurt your wrist swinging at a low outside breaking ball because the whole point of grip is so your hands don’t move and that makes it useless. I have the old mako and I personally love it, although I rarely use it because it is heavy and I’m not a big power hitter. I would not recommend the mako to guys who need a light bat to get through the zone. I usually use the demarini voodoo overlord because it is a light swing.

  12. If you can’t swing a 10$ bat you don’t need a 300$+ bat!

  13. Baseball players are funny creatures! Love it or hate it will only be revealed after a couple of batting practices

  14. Looks like another expensive gimmick, I think teaching proper fundamentals and working with a hitter on his swing would be more benifical in the end. This may only be a band-aid for swing flaws.

  15. Just bought the bat don’t really notice the handle rotation but what I do notice is how the ball flys off this bat has very little if any vibration and the balance is perfect it so far it’s well worth the price tag mako is a great composite and besides we may not ever get to swing a wooden bat so might as well swing top of the line now .. And the guy that sold it to me told me it came with 3 homeruns so I gave him 485$ And walked out of the store happy

  16. sounds good im getting it for christmas

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