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College World Series Bat Usage & the 2019 Bats to Look For

(Photo: @utbaseballequipment)

As a look back on a classic Omaha ‘ship run by Oregon State, we thought we’d take a look at the bats used by the 64 teams in the tournament. Here is a list of the schools separated by the brand they swing (to the best of our knowledge). Schools bolded in gold played in Omaha.

Here’s a pie chart displaying the percentage of the field of 64 that each brand holds.

As usual, some companies gave their college programs early access to the unreleased 2019 lines. Here’s what we know about each brand.


Rawlings had 19 of its schools in the tournament this year and saw one, Washington, in Omaha. Rawlings is releasing a revamped bat line this year. The new Quatro Pro has been introduced on Rawlings’ Instagram in addition to being seen in the hands of Washington players.  It is available here.

(Photos: @rawlingssg)

They also dropped a gold Velo, which are available here.


(Photo: @rawlingssg)

No word yet on structural upgrades to the bats, but stay tuned.


DeMarini had 10 schools in the tournament, including the champs, Oregon State. They provided us with some shots of their new bats in action.

These are the new CFs. Just like last year, there are two versions: the Zen (balanced) and the Insane (end-loaded). The CF Zen is now available.  DeMarini upgraded the composite used in both versions, which it calls “Paraflex+” to allow for an even more responsive barrel.

Above in white, the new Voodoos also incorporate the new Paraflex+ Composite in their handles. The Voodoo has always been one of the most popular bats in the college ranks.  We haven’t seen the Voodoo hit DeMarini.com just yet.


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Louisville Slugger

Louisville Slugger is also set to release a revamped line for 2019. They are set to drop later this year. These are some shots from their booth at the College World Series.

The bats on the right are their new BBCOR line. From top to bottom we have the new Meta (red), which is a multi-piece bat that seems to be a tweaked version of the new 919 (white, second from top) with a different barrel and connection piece. Under that is the Select 719, which is a two-piece hybrid that has been very popular with college players. Finally, we have the Solo 919 and the Omaha 919, which are Slugger’s one-pieces.


Marucci already debuted its CAT 8 2019 line, which were seen in the hands of many of Texas’ hitters. They have the CAT 8, which is a one-piece alloy and the CAT 8 Connect, which is a 2-piece hybrid

We’ll keep you up to date with 2019’s new releases. Based on what we’ve seen so far, it’s set to be a busy year for BBCOR’s!

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