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Miggy Tells WPW about His New Cleat, the TRUSOX “Miggy TRUcourage”

We had been wondering about Miguel Cabrera’s new cleats since the beginning of the season, and after many weeks of waiting for a press release from the company, we just asked Miggy.  He hit us back within minutes and had a few photos for us and some info on them.  Thanks, Miggy.

TRUSOX products are designed to eliminate slipping inside the shoe—to give your foot stability while playing sports.  From the website:

“TRUSOX have non-slip applications both on the inside of the sock and on the outside of the sock to stop the sock from sliding on your foot and stop the sock from sliding within the shoe”

Miguel Cabrera Trusox Cleats

That quote was referring to the socks themselves, which you can buy here.  Miggy said that the cleats are designed to enhance that feature, so he has the best possible cohesion between foot, sock, and cleat.  Aside from Miggy, world class soccer players and some other athletes are using these products, too.

Miggy also showed me a couple mock-ups of his designs for the 4th of July and Father’s Day.  He asked us not to show them yet, but I can tell you that if you like animal print, you’ll love the Father’s Day.  As for the 4th of July customs, all I have to say is “MURICA.”  We will get you shots of those ASAP.

Of course I asked Miggy if the Miggy TRUcourage would be available for purchase.  He told me: “If the people like, yes.”

So, people, do you like?

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