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Robinson Cano Breaking in SSK Glove, Player Exclusive Lizard Skins Batting Gloves

Robinson Cano is looking for a fresh start in 2019.  He’s got a new squad, which looks like a true contender in a competitive NL East, and now he’s got some new gear to go along with it.  Cano is wearing a custom SSK I-Web glove that, while we can’t guarantee it, looks like a future gamer for one of the smoothest second basemen of all time.  (Update: It looks like SSK reads WPW, because while this glove wasn’t available when we published this, its available now.)

He’s worn Wilson since he left Spalding in 2014, and there is always the possibility that Robby wears something different on Opening Day, but the attention to detail on this SSK glove doesn’t strike me as a trial glove for Cano.

Its just SO custom, and the fact he’s already an SSK bat guy makes this look like the real thing.

The “Robinson Cano” two-tone embroidery is something we first saw (and loved) on this glove, though I actually prefer it on the Daniel Martinez glove over Robby’s orange and white.  The off-set look doesn’t look as good as the stroke look on Martinez’ grey glove, in my opinion.

This glove takes full advantage of the Mets eye-popping color scheme, which in most cases we love.  However, with colors that are already so vibrant, something a little more toned down like this Michael Cuddyer throwback Rawlings…

…would have been the better play.

With that said, Robby would make a brown paper bag look good on the field.  He’s just 100% effortless out there, even early on with the winter cobwebs still shaking off.

Along with Javier Baez, SSK now boasts two of the games’ freshest infielders.

Cano’s SSK glove is not available on SSK’s website, but you can shop this I-Web pattern with the same quality leather at the top end (price-wise) of their infielders gloves page.  (Update: It looks like SSK reads WPW, because while this glove wasn’t available when we published this, its available now.)

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Long-time Franklin batting glove guy Robinson Cano made some more changes to his repertoire, in the form of player exclusive, blindingly orange Lizard Skins batting gloves with his logo on the label.

These things looked incredible, and Lizard Skins batting gloves are now a product that I’m officially in love with.  They look so comfy and so different than what we’re used to seeing.  The knit back seems so luxurious, thought we’d be interested to know how durable they are and how long they’ll look that good.

Cano’s new Lizard Skins batting gloves were so fluorescent that it was hard to get the true colors to show up on the camera, but they were more like the two photos above than this more yellowish color.  These are most similar to the Pro Knit version that we found on BaseballMonkey.com for $25.

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