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Buying a New Wilson Glove? Here’s Our Top Picks at Every Position


The Wilson A2000 and A2K glove lines are Wilson’s top performers and some of the best on the market.  Because of their long-standing pro pedigree (see Cano, Altuve, Swanson), serious players will look to the A2K and A2000 glove lines for elite performance.  For those in that group, we wanted to narrow down the field (there are over 50 options) to help you zero in on the right A2K or A2000 model for each position – middle infield, third base, pitcher, outfield, first base, and catcher.

Middle Infield

Robinson Cano Wilson A2000 Glove
Middle infielders want a glove that has a shallow pocket and sufficient length, usually a glove measuring in at 11.5”. That said, Wilson makes a ton of good infield models, but here are the best:

Best A2K Infield Model: Wilson A2K 1786

Wilson A2K 1786

The Wilson A2K 1786 is an 11.5” model with an I-web. In addition to these features, the 1786 has a thumb-to-pinky close and shallow pocket.

Why It’s the Best A2K Model

Brandon Phillips A2K Datdude Glove 2017

There are a few other A2K infield options – most notably the Wilson A2K DATDUDE and Wilson A2K DP15 – but the 1786 does not have some of the controversial features the other models have, like the tighter hand slots (DP15) and the clawed welted backs (DATDUDE).

Shop the Wilson A2K 1786

Best A2000 Infield Model: Wilson A2000 1786

Wilson A2000 1786

The Wilson A2000 1786, just like the Wilson A2K 1786, is an 11.5” glove with an I-web and shallow pocket.

Source: @geminikeez

Why It’s the Best A2000 Model

There are a plethora of other A2000 infield gloves, like the Wilson A2000 PP05, Wilson A2000 DP15, and Wilson A2000 G4 Super Skin, but the 1786 is more perfect for the infield than the other models. Features like an H-web (PP05), Tighter Hand Stalls (DP15), and Single post webs (G4 Super Skin) are nice, but the I-web (Wilson calls it H-Web) and adult fit of the 1786 make it the best option for an A2000 infield glove.

Shop the Wilson A2000 1786

Third Base

Todd Frazier Wilson A2000 Glove 2017

Third basemen want a glove with a little bit longer length (11.75” to 12”), but also something with a deeper pocket. Although Wilson does not make too many 3B-specific models, we found the best models to use at the hot corner:

Best A2K 3B Model: Wilson A2K DW5

Wilson A2K DW5

The Wilson A2K DW5 is the 12” game model of David Wright with an H-web, deep pocket, narrow width, and thumb-to-ring finger close.

Why It’s the Best A2K Model

The only other feasible A2K option for third base would be the Wilson A2K 1787, an 11.75” model with an I-web. That glove is good for third base as well, but the deeper pocket and longer length of the Wilson A2K DW5 makes it a better option for the hot corner.  The underrated colorway doesn’t hurt either.

Shop the Wilson A2K DW5

Best A2000 3B Model: Wilson A2000 1787 Super Skin

Wilson A2000 1787SS

The Wilson A2000 1787 Super Skin is an 11.75” glove with an I-web and a synthetic material, called Super Skin, on the back of it. This model has a medium-to-deep pocket, lighter weight due to the Super Skin, and a thumb-to-pinky close.

Why It’s the Best A2000 Model

Aside from the Wilson A2000 DW5 custom option, there are two A2000 3B options: the Wilson A2000 1787 Super Skin and the Wilson A2000 EL3. Because we have found the EL3’s pocket to be a little funky (it is very round and deep), the A2000 1787 is our top A2000 3B choice.

The Wilson A2000 1787’s length and pocket depth, lighter feel, and high quality materials make it an excellent option for third base. However, we still do think the aforementioned Wilson A2K DW5 may be slightly better for the hot corner as opposed to this 1787.

Shop the Wilson A2000 1787 Super Skin


Lorenzo Cain Wilson

Outfielders need a glove with generous length (12.5” and up) to have a pocket like a vice. There are a good amount of outfield options, but here are our two picks for best Wilson outfielders glove:

Best A2K OF model: Wilson A2K 1799

wilson a2k 1799

The Wilson A2K 1799 is a 12.75” model with an H-web. With its deep pocket and thumb-to-pinky close, the 1799 pattern is generally considered one of the best for the outgrass.

Why It’s the Best A2K Model

There is only one other A2K outfield option: the Wilson A2K KP92, a 12.5” glove with a modified trapeze web. While some may find the smaller size and firmer pocket appealing, we feel like the 1799’s extra length and deeper pocket make it easier to snag fly balls in the outfield.

For one of the nicest-looking and high quality gloves with one of the best patterns for the outfield, check out the Wilson A2K 1799.

Shop the Wilson A2K 1799

Best A2000 OF model: Wilson A2000 1799

Wilson A2000 1799

The Wilson A2000 1799 is another 12.75” model with an H-web, and, just like the A2K 1799, has a deep pocket and thumb-to-pinky close.

Why It’s the Best A2000 Model

JD Martinez Wilson Glove 2017

Unlike the A2K outfield sector, there are a good amount of A2000 outfield gloves. For example, you have options like the Wilson A2000 OT6, Wilson A2000 1799 Super Skin, and the Wilson A2000 KP92. However, we still find the Wilson A2000 1799 to be the best overall outfield model of the bunch.

Shop the Wilson A2000 1799


Clayton Kershaw Wilson Glove 2017

Pitchers need something that has some length (11.5” to 12”), but most of all has a web that hides their grips from the batter. The best choices for the bump are as follows:

Best A2K Pitcher’s Model: Wilson A2K B212

Wilson A2K B212

The Wilson A2K B212 is a 12” glove with a grip-concealing two-piece web. This pattern is perfect for the mound with its deep pocket and thumb-to-pinky close, but has one problem – this B212 is almost impossible to flare. A lot of pitchers like to flare their glove because the wider pocket gives more room to change grips.  Some just like the look of it.

Why It’s the Best A2K Model

Compared to the only other A2K pitcher’s model, the Wilson A2K D33, the Wilson A2K B212 is a little bigger and features a pattern that is more natural (The D33 has an odd thumb-to-ring finger close) and has been developed more over time.

Because of the Wilson A2K B212’s wide pattern that is perfect for pitchers, gorgeous colorway, and the top quality materials, it is the ultimate Wilson A2K pitcher glove.

Shop the Wilson A2K B212

Best A2000 Pitcher’s Model: Wilson A2000 CK22

Clayton Kershaw Wilson Glove 2

The Wilson A2000 CK22 is the 11.75” game model of Clayton Kershaw, the most dominant pitcher in the major leagues. It shares many of the same features as the aforementioned B212 – like the grip-concealing two-piece web and thumb-to-pinky close – but also will have a shallower pocket due to the smaller size for a quicker ball-to-hand transfer.

Why It’s the Best A2000 Model

Although there are other good A2000 options for pitchers, the CK22’s features make this glove our top choice than the much different A2000 D33, the bigger and lighter A2000 B212 Super Skin, and the smaller and shallower A2000 1789.

Any pitcher will find the Wilson A2000 CK22 appealing, as the size will work for any hurler, the pocket is perfect for the mound, and the materials are well worth the $250 price tag.

Shop the Wilson A2000 CK22

First Base

Miguel Cabrera Wilson Glove 2017

Best Overall First Base Model: Wilson A2000 1617

Wilson A2000 1617SS

The Wilson A2000 1617 is a 12.5” model with a double horizontal bar web and a Super Skin back. Because of its single hinge break-in, deep pocket, and lighter weight due to the Super Skin, the 1617 is one of the best first base patterns on the market now.

Why It’s the Best 1B Model

Although the Wilson A2000 1617 is a newer model added to the Wilson lineup in 2016, we believe it is better than the other options. The Wilson A2K and A2000 2800 models are great, but their 12” length is a bit too small for our taste. The same goes for the Wilson A2000 MC24, despite the bonus points for its sweet looks.

Any first basemen will find this length and pocket generous for scoops, regular throws, and overthrows, and will also reap the benefits of the slight weight reduction because of the Super Skin back.

Shop the Wilson A2000 1617


Collin Theroux Oklahoma State Wilson Catchers Mitt 2

Best (and only) A2K Catcher’s Model: Wilson A2K M1

Wilson A2K M1

The sole A2K catcher’s mitt is the Wilson A2K M1, a 33.5” mitt with a deeper pocket. With arguably the best materials on the market, a beautiful colorway, and a pattern that will form any way, we consider the A2K M1 one of the top catcher’s mitts on the market.

Shop the Wilson A2K M1

Best A2000 Catcher’s Model: Wilson A2000 PUDGE

Wilson A2000 PUDGE

The Wilson A2000 PUDGE takes its namesake from Ivan Rodriguez, one of the greatest defensive catchers of all time and recent Hall of Fame inductee. Just like his own game glove, the PUDGE is a 32.5” mitt. While this may seem like a very small glove, the size is popular and has the added benefit of a shallower pocket for quicker transfers.

Why It’s the Best A2000 Model

Sure, there are other excellent options in the A2000 catchers segment, like the A2000 M1 Super Skin, A2000 CM33, and A2000 1790 Super Skin, but the PUDGE’s pattern is more developed and is overall better for the position.

Overall, the Wilson A2000 PUDGE’s features, a nice orange tan and black colorway, high quality materials, and well-developed pattern make it a top option for behind the dish, regardless of brand and/or price.

Shop the Wilson A2000 PUDGE

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