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Top Prospects Swinging Blast Motion Sensors in Futures Game

Clint Frazier Victus AC24 Bat

Indians’ #2 prospect Clint Frazier was one of many players using Blast Motion bat sensor technology at the Futures Game. Blast Motion recently partnered with MLB “to help players of all ages and talent levels understand the mechanics of their swings and learn how to hit with more power.”

Not only in BP, but these sensors were in use during the game.

Swing Analyzer

Clint Frazier went 2 for 3 with a Blast sensor on the knob of his Victus AC24 (more info on that bat here).

Blast Motion Sensor

WPW asked Clint how he liked it:

By the time we got back to the dugout they were able to give us some stats involving velo so that was pretty cool to me!  I don’t know a whole lot about it, but I thought they were better than some of the sensors I’ve tried in the past.

Was it annoying to have on the bat?

Other than seeing it on my bat I didn’t really notice it when I was swinging.

Dansby Swanson Blast Motion Sensor

Dansby liked the Blast sensor, too, and popped it onto his Slugger I13H (more info on that bat here).

Blast Motion Dashboard 2

The data, and it looks like there’s a ton of it, shows up on your phone/tablet shortly after the swing.  Clint Frazier said that when he got back to the dugout after an at-bat, there were guys in the dugout with his data on a tablet to review.

Yoan Moncada Blast Motion Sensor

Yoan Moncada took home MVP honors with the Blast Motion Sensor on his Tucci YM1 (more about that bat model here).

And you are probably wondering, how fast do the pros swing?  The video above says the average Big Leaguer’s swing speed is about 69 mph.  Learn more/buy Blast here.

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