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What Pros Wear: Adrian Gonzalez (Bat, Batting Gloves, Cleats, Guards)

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With all the swagger in the Dodger clubhouse these days (Puig, Kemp, Hanley, Kershaw, Brian Wilson), its easy to forget the silky smooth, understated swag that Adrian Gonzalez has been bringing since his San Diego days.  Even though he doesn’t go looking for the cameras like some of his teammates, El Titan’s long, majestic finish was destined for the flashbulbs of Hollywood.  Gonzalez gets the Nike treatment with one of the many exclusive Huarache Pro colorways that we’ve seen around the league lately, and swings southern California-based Trinity wood.


Trinity PS 27:1

Trinity tells us that Adrian Gonzalez’ swings the PS 27:1, which is available online in three types of wood, in Ash and Maple.  Below is the Ash version, which we’ve seen him swinging of late.

Source: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images North America

Source: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images North America

Batting Gloves

Nike Diamond Elite Pro II Exclusives and Jordan Team (disguised as Nike)

Gonzalez, before the playoffs, was wearing a set of Jordan Team gloves that had a Nike logo sewed on over the Jordan logo.  As you can see below, Gonzalez switched over from those to a refreshed version of the Diamond Elite Pro batting gloves with a sharp silver swoosh.

Source: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images North America

Source: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images North America


Nike Air Huarache Pro Mid MCS and Metal

We get a couple of good looks at these above.  Like some of the other Huarache Pro exclusive guys, he’s got the starry look on the midsole which you can see particularly well on his left foot above.


Bike Leg Guard

You can see this one above, too, and the Bike logo is actually blacked out to preserve his Nike branding.

Pro Hitter

The ever-popular hitting aid worn on the thumb.  These are available.


  1. Those silver swoosh batting gloves are called Nike Diamond MVP Elite Pro Batting Gloves

  2. the gloves are actually the NIKE MVP Elite Pro Batting Gloves.

  3. What elbow guard does he wear, He wears it while batting and fielding, I think its like a padded sleeve but idk, can you shed some light on it please?

  4. Nice catch K-Dot. Just curious, if Jordan is a sub-brand of Nike, why does the logo need to be disguised?

  5. Can you do one on Carl Crawford, please?

  6. He had a new pair today, looked like MVP Elites but couldn’t make it out. The only difference was the Nike logo was red instead of silver.

  7. He wears Jordan team batting gloves but cuts out the logo from the diamond elite pros because he is signed with nike not jordan

  8. He wears a McDavid HEX elbow pad. Mike, update this and put that elbow gaurd in there, everyone I know wants one and I just found it

  9. What brand is his first basemen glove?

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