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Cactus League Swag: Dodgers @ Angels

Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers visited Mike Trout’s Angels and this is how we saw it. Note: You won’t see any Shohei Ohtani in this post because we covered his gear in a recent article.

Kershaw need not fuss with equipment changes, wearing the same Wilson A2000 CK22 since 2008 and essentially the same cleats, too.  Kershaw has been wearing this style of Under Armour Ignite Mid since 2009, his first full season in the MLB.

Mike Trout’s batting gloves are available in several options here.  Its a pretty close match, though Trout’s are player exclusives.

A lot of players, including Trout, wearing the Nike Hyperforce Elite sunglasses.

Mike Trout’s Trout 4 cleats had a marbled look to the tops.  Mike’s are player exclusives, but you can get something similar on Nike:

Like these Trout 4 MCS versions.  And there are many more options on Eastbay.

Kole Calhoun’s were like a reverse of Trout’s cleats.  Trout keeps everybody swagged out and each Angels/Nike guy has a different look…

Garrett Richards has a white base with red accents to his Trout 4 cleats.

Interesting news for gloveheads, in contrast to last year’s model, Trout is breaking in a Rawlings glove that everyone can own.  Its a 12 3/4″ 601 pattern with Pro Preferred leather.  Whether he games this in the regular season remains to be seen, but he was wearing his gamer in Spring last year, so this is probably the gamer.  Get Mike Trout’s glove here.

Kole Calhoun puts so much tar on his Rawlings that there’s enough for Justin Upton.

The tar doesn’t obscure the beauty of Calhoun’s PRO442 model.  This is a Show Piece.  (Alternative PRO442 is available here and here.)

Zack Cozart needed very little change to the colors, having left Cincinnati for Anaheim in the offseason.  However, the change from short to third (Andrelton ain’t going nowhere) has him in a new Wilson model.  This looks like a 1787 (shop here) with an H-Web on it, not something you can get on Wilson.com.

Cozart wore Franklin Powerstrap batting gloves, Adidas Power Alley 4 cleats, and swung a Louisville Slugger i13.

Albert Pujols’ time in the field has diminished in recent years, but with Shohei Ohtani requiring at-bats at DH, Pujols will look to help the Angels at first base.  Its nice to see that Marucci leather back out in the field.

Albert looks like he misses the ol’ rag.  You can get Pujols’ exact Marucci Founders’ Series model here.

When WPW first saw Cody Bellinger, he was debuting at AT&T Park last year in left field.  Eleven months later, first base is Cody’s job, rendering a 5-time All-Star, Adrian Gonzalez, expendable.  Bellinger is wearing a Rawlings PROFM19 that you can get very close to here.  He has ordered them in both Pro Preferred and Heart of the Hide, and the link is a Heart of the Hide mitt.

Matt Kemp back with the Dodgers just feels right, no?  Gimme grey elephant print and Matt Kemp on the Dodgers any day.  These Nike Air Coop cleats (player exclusive) might be the best cleats in the Cactus League.

Force 3 Pro Gear protection for Yasmani Grandal, a company that is best known for its vibration-dampening helmets.  They’ve picked up a lot of steam.  Check out the helmets here.  It looks like you can get the catcher’s mitt, too, via the site’s custom builder.

Joc Pederson swinging B45 birch wood just like he did when he slugged .944 in the 2017 World Series.

The model is a B271, which is a great bat for any player, available on B45’s website for $170.

Ian Kinsler strikes me as the type of guy who wears a glove out.  The way this Nike SHA DO is holding up, I don’t blame him.  He has mixed in some other models, too, but we love the SHA DOs.

Here’s the same model with different trim from 2015 with the Tigers.

Ian Kinsler is a stakeholder in Warstic, so you can bet he’ll be swinging them. This model looks like a WSIK58Z maple 33.5 inch/31.5 ounce. It is probably extremely similar to Kinsler’s Warstic Pro Signature Line.

Justin Upton hopped on the Warstic train, too, swinging a custom cut called the “JU8,” 34/32.  Upton, Calhoun, and Trout make up one of the best outfields in baseball.

Kike Hernandez loves swag.  He helped himself to an Evoshield Active DNA compression sleeve, which looks really cool.  Evoshield also has a sleeve that is designed for post-game, the Recovery DNA sleeve.  Very curious about these items.  If you’ve used it, let us know in the comments.


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