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Top 5 End-Loaded Bat Models of the 2020 World Series

Following up our feature on the balanced bat models of the World Series, in this post we’ll be taking a look at the end-loaded turns. Even though balanced models are becoming more common, some hitters value end weight the most in a bat. We’ve included models that range from slightly end-loaded to extremely end-loaded to give options for every type of hitter. End-loaded models will typically be less durable so models on this list are recommended for intermediate to expert hitters.

Justin Turner’s Louisville Slugger T181

Justin Turner is one of the Dodgers’ best postseason hitters of all time, and finally got his ring in 2020. During the 2020 Fall Classic, he used the Louisville Slugger T181. The T181 features a long, large barrel most similar to the C243 turn model (available at Baseball Express). The thin handle is met by a uniquely flared knob for added comfort and whip. The model is recommended for those who like a significant barrel feel. The T181 is not available online, but Sam Bat sells a similar model called the TYs available for purchase on SamBat.com for $150.


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Randy Arozarena’s Marucci DS26

Randy Arozarena’s DS26 is a unique turn that, after Arozarena’s performance, we’ll surely see more pros use in 2021. The barrel features the CU26 barrel that is long, large, and slightly end-loaded. The medium handle and comfortable flare are from the DS7, Dansby Swanson’s cut. This turn model will have some barrel feel which would satisfy gap-to-gap hitters and power hitters alike. The DS26 is not available online but the CU26 is at Dick’s.  Old Hickory sells a similar model to Arozarena’s DS26 called the TC9 for $160 on OldHickory.com.

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Chris Taylor’s Victus CT1

Chris Taylor’s bat of choice is a modified 318 model from Victus. The CT1 features a long, medium-large barrel and generous sweet spot. The medium handle and knob were taken from the popular 110 model (available at Baseball Express from several manufacturers). Taylor’s turn will be slightly end-loaded but manageable for most hitters.  The CT1 is not available online from Victus but a similar model, the EB12, is available to customize for $199.


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Cody Bellinger’s Louisville Slugger C243M (CB35)

Louisville Slugger created the C243M to increase the density of billets used in turning the storied C243 model. The C243M features a quick barrel transition, medium barrel diameter, and a long sweet spot. The thin handle is complemented by a traditional knob to accentuate the barrel feel. Due to the barrel’s diameter reduction, this bat will be more durable and will have better performance than the larger version. The C243M has the least end weight out of all the models on this list. This model is available under the CB35 model from Slugger.com for $150.



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Joc Pederson’s Sam Bat CG1/TT2

The CG1/TT2 was a bat that Joc Pederson created working closely with Sam Bat. The TT2 (Troy Tulowitzki) barrel is large and long, similar to an i13 with one of the largest sweet spots available. The medium handle and traditional knob come from the 318 turn model. For some players, adding a traditional knob to a turn model that has a flare gives them more perceived barrel control. This is a very end-loaded model recommended for experienced hitters. The CG1/TT2 is not available online but you can order the custom TT2 from Sambat.com for $160 and ask for the CG1/TT2 in the special instructions box.


via @dodgers Instagram

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