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WPW On-Field: Braves @ Mets (Acuña, Dansby, Ozzie)

It’d be a disservice to the company not to show this as much as possible.  Dansby gets it.

Dansby gets the lead feature because bribery and he’s fresh AF.  Alpha Huarache Elite lows (only black/white available) in a metallic silver and black colorway.  This is what we should all aspire to.  Guy might as well be the WPW logo now.

Exhibit A: Flow.

Exhibit B: Show.  KD 10s.

Keez being Keez gets Amed Rosario to model the New Balance 3000v4 for him.

This is a beautiful cleat.  Keez continues to produce on a nightly basis.

Ozzie Albies, too, continues to produce.  He and the Braves, along with the Phillies emergence, has re-arranged the NL East.  Get Ozzie’s Wilson A2K DP15GM at this link.  Its devilish.

The rag of the moment for Ozzie Albies, however, is the red thing in the lower right corner of this image. It looks like she’s seen better years, but she shows up to the yard every day, ready to play.

Same Wilson A2K DP15 glove (available at that link) pictured in Spring Training above, looking a bit rosier but still, very well-worn.  Ozzie has been faithful to the red DP15 for three fantastic years and sees no reason to end a loving relationship.

Ozzie taking calls on the field is probably something ESPN would argue about.  I, for one, just want to know who he’s talking to.  I want to believe he talks to Ozzie Smith every day.  Probably his mom though?  Gamer Babes?  Please comment below who you think he’s talking to (WPW shirt is on the line for best comment).

Johan Camargo is new to the Braves and also quite good at baseball.  Keez gets us the classic “gloves up” view of the Franklin CFX Pro “Full Color Chrome” batting gloves.  The single color (monochrome) is always a preference for me, because its irrefutably fresh is no matter the jersey.

Ronald Acuña agrees.  Do you think this is this a good look?  (Both red and blue are available)

Based on what we saw at Citi Field, Ronald Acuña throws about 2 balls into the stands per inning.  He may just enjoy it, or he’s bartering with Mets fans not to leave early.  Acuña’s SSK Ikigai 12.75″ glove is buyable at this link.

The monochrome plays yet again with those SSK labels (Acuña’s glove available here).  For SSK, the winning formula is Acuña + Baez = Swag.

Harden Vol. 2s make a BP appearance on the feet of Jose Bautista, and this is a nice segue to let the faithful WPW readers still skimming that we will be launching a multi-sport WPW very soon.  We’re jumping over to basketball first, because we think its the one that needs us most, then we’re planning to move to others.  We’ve made every effort not to alienate OG baseball readers, and if you see the new website and have something to say, let us know.  @whatproswear.  We really hope you like it, and if you don’t, please tell us.

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  1. He’s talking to David Ortiz’s jeweler, trying to see just how many chains one neck can hold.

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