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WPW Recapping Subway Series

Jeets warming up in the Cool Base Triple Peak Gamer Jacket

Another quick post before the weekend, Gemini Keez is back for a new season of unrivaled gear photography, this time starring Derek Jeter in his final Subway Series.  Find more amazing photography from Keez on his Instagram and on his website, KeezOnSports.com.

Daisuke’s Nikes from Mars

No idea what Daisuke was thinking with those.  Maybe those are cool and in that case I’ll be uncool.  George Jetson coming in hot from the nursing home.

Jacob deGrom’s Nike Two Piece

Rookie Jacob deGrom’s Nike glove is a great-looking piece and especially with those colors.  Unfortunately it is not available, but there are some similar patterns out there.

Daniel Murphy lacing up his New Balance 3000s.  Word on the street is the 3000s will soon be getting a new look, though these aren’t too shabby.

David Wright’s Wilson A2K DW5 Glove

David Wright’s Wilson A2K

Available with blue welting.

Jon Niese’s Rawlings Pro Preferred PRO601KB Trap Glove

Jon Niese’s shag glove, the Rawlings Pro Preferred PRO601KB, which is discontinued so you’ll really have to hunt for it.

CFer Juan Lagares went nuts on the Wilson custom builder (link above), but you can also get a standard colorway here.

Chris Young’s Under Armour Yard VII Batting Gloves

I absolutely love the solid color matching the jersey.  I saw Brian Roberts rocking all-greys with the Yankee road jerseys, too—stupid fresh.  Want.

You can shop the available Yard VII colorways here.

Pearls on Pearls

Pearls on Pearls

Dellin Betances

Dellin Betances’ adidas Power Alley Cleats

Looks like these are only available in black/white and grey, but they are available.

Brian McCann’s Marucci Stick and UA Batting Gloves

McCann swinging Marucci and rocking the exclusive UA Yard VIIs like Chris Young.  Also, the Majestic Triple Peak Convertible Gamer pullover, which is available in a long-sleeve in that colorway and short-sleeves in other colors.

One comment

  1. The Majestic Triple Peak Convertible Gamer Jeter is wearing in the first picture (and by McCann and Betances in the last two pics) is pretty interesting. The sleeves on the jacket have a zipper and you can zip the sleeves on and off making the jacket both long and short sleeve (hence the “convertible” in the name).

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