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Pete Alonso’s Dove Tail PA20 ProXR Birch Bat

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Pete Alonso continues to swing Dove Tail Bat Birch wood.  He’s been using an asymmetrical handle called the ProXR, patented by DTB, and according to founder Paul Lancisi, “it was ergonomically designed to fit (Pete Alonso’s) hand on his attack angle.”  Here’s more on the ProXR from Paul:

“Pete switched from the Axe handle 2 years ago because of the improved feel, control and power he gets with ProXR.  This new grip technology is round in cross section like a traditional bat handle, not oval in cross section like a tool/axe handle. ProXR is designed to match the range of motion of the hands, increase the surface area engagement and reduce compression- it’s built for a rotational baseball swing, not a chopping motion like an axe.”

From my perspective, the ProXR looks almost like a traditional flared knob re-positioned at an angle, and Pete prefers it.

The one pictured has DTB’s “Sand Shark” finish, and the closest you can get is the Dove Tail PA20-ProXRI-m at DoveTailBat.com for $240 custom.  Dove Tail also offers BBCOR bats with the same tech.

As Birch continues to expand its presence in MLB, its interesting to hear (in the video below) that Pete Alonso believes he doesn’t have to swing as hard to get the same distance with a Birch vs Maple.  Lancisi told me this about Birch:

“It has the flexibility of Ash and the pop of Maple.  The flex gives leeway on mis-hits because its not brittle.  We have our own mill and produce 4400 billets a month, Maple and Birch.  As a wood scientist, its the only wood I would swing.  As a matter of fact, I do in adult league.”

Pete Alonso’s bat size: 34 inch, 32 ounce


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