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Ramon Laureano’s Chandler Axe MB50 Bat

Ramon Laureano swings the first Axe-handled Chandler bat we’ve seen.  Earlier in the Axe handle’s evolution, it was limited to a couple of companies including Victus and Dove Tail Bat, but now, the brand that holds the patent must have opened it up to more companies.  Chandler makes it in the same Mookie Betts profile that Laureano loves:

The MB50 cut has a profile that is end loaded with a sharp taper into a long sweet spot.  The X50 offered by Victus (at the link) is the exact same end-loaded bat as Laureano’s Victus MB50 AxeCustomize at the link for $225.  Unfortunately, Chandler doesn’t offer the Axe handle to customers, but you may be able to special order it.

Laureano’s Bat Measurements: 33.5 inch/31 ounce

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