Salvador Perez’ Rawlings Custom All-Star Catcher’s Set

No shortage of Instagram hype that Yadi’s Jordan gear has been getting, and we’re not opposed.  Any time MJ is on the baseball field, things become cooler.  Its a scientific fact that everything looks cooler with the Jumpman logo on it.  You could put a Jumpman logo on the dog turd in your garden and it would get likes.

But if Yadi’s gear had any other logo, would it have been our biggest post ever?  Not a chance.  This Rawlings gear for Salvy is much fresher in my opinion.  Its a total custom job for the All-Star Game, but there is a similar set (chest protector + shinnies) at the link that is worth a look.

Which would you prefer?  Yadi/Jordan or Salvy/Rawlings?