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Shohei Ohtani’s New Balance Baserunning Gloves

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Shohei Ohtani’s uniqueness doesn’t stop at his double diamond skill set.  He also wears things that nobody else wears.  Take his baserunning gloves, for example, which look a lot like soccer/football goalkeeper gloves.  Where goalkeepers have the back of the hand stiffened to repel more shots, Ohtani’s gloves are stiffened and padded on both sides, adding protection around his fingers and hands for sliding situations.  Ohtani usually slides with his hips perpendicular to the ground and his left hand on the ground, which would quickly get scraped up without a glove.  That type of slide allows him to hit the outside of the bag every time and pop up simultaneously to take the extra bag when necessary.  The glove lets him do it over and over with no pain.

Shohei baserunning gloves are completely player exclusive, as in he’s the only one in the world wearing them.  The closest alternative to Shohei’s NB baserunner gloves are the Franklin CFX PRT protective sliding glove for $50 at FranklinSports.com.

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