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Category: <span>Metal Bat Review</span>

Editor’s Note: Being that we are “What Pros Wear,” we don’t really talk much about metal bats.  It always feels like we are missing that piece, so I asked our bat expert Christian to give us his best metal bats, from T-Ball all the way through BBCOR.  Christian is a […]

The most sacred, unparalleled element of baseball is its history.  In no other American sport can you trace the history of the game like this one.  If you were asked to name a pro baseball player who played 100+ years ago, you could probably name a few with ease (Ruth, Cobb, Shoeless […]

By Brian Duryea Since we last discussed Louisville Slugger’s 915 Prime performance at the junior home run derby, with its draw jawping power, as well as its sighting in the hands of the Wizard, the bat line continues to make headlines as it releases to the public in just a few short days. […]

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