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WPW’s east coast foot soldier on-field, Gemini Keez, will not sleep until every ounce of baseball swag that seeps onto CitiField is captured for our viewing pleasure.  Its awesome to see these images come through because there’s always something new and Keez knows just how to frame it.  Lets take […]

So yesterday’s Astros-Yanks matchup, judged on WPW’s complex set of arbitrary and biased criteria, swung +3 in Houston’s favor.  The game ended +3 in Houston’s favor.  I’m not going to say we can predict the future, but its hard to argue science. Tonight’s matchup is even juicier, pitting two of baseball’s best teams.  Pittsburgh […]

We are told these are the Nike Swingman MVP 2 3/4.  Though these are unavailable online, you can find the Swingman MVP 2s here in several solid colorways. Check that—2nd look.  Jason Heyward showed his off yesterday: Hope to have more Jackie Robinson commemorative cleats coming through as the day […]

Nick Swisher Jason Grilli

Anyone who has considered a Rawlings glove has been faced with the question, Heart of the Hide or Pro Preferred?  Lets see if we can clear things up. From Rawlings, about Heart of the Hide: “Handcrafted from the top 5-percent of steer hides, Heart of the Hide leather tends to […]

Glove PRO1000-2KBR When I started this site, I hoped one day I’d earn some cred with the big brands and instead of having to guess on models, I could go straight to the source and get 100% accurate information.  Because you guys keep coming back to the site and interacting […]

NL home run champion Pedro Alvarez, aptly nicknamed “El Toro” (the Bull) has beastly power and should be hitting moonshots for years to c0me.  He’s also a sneakerhead, and takes his on-field style and off-field style seriously.  Check his Instagram for more of what I’m talking about, and check what […]

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