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Ichiro is still one of the most popular athletes in the world, and for good reason.  His agent once claimed of his celebrity, “When you mail Ichiro something from the States, you only have to use that name on the address and he gets it [in Japan]. He’s that big.”  Ichiro […]

THIS PAGE HAS BEEN UPDATED HERE. Finding Jose Reyes’ glove was a good learning experience for us.  What we figured out, through one of the most knowledgeable sources for gloves on the internet, called Glove-Works, is that Reyes has switched it up a few times in his career.  The thread […]

THIS INFO HAS BEEN UPDATED: CLICK HERE. Mets fans, for all their suffering, might suffer even more without Reyes in their lineup in 2012.  And worse, he’s playing for their division rival, the new-look Miami Marlins.  Reyes had an absolutely monster comeback year in 2011, winning his first batting title […]

After seeing the results of the poll we did, it’s obvious you all want to see what type of lumber these players are swinging. So, we are in the process of adding bats to each player’s profile.  We’ve already done a few and hope to have the rest taken care […]

Pujols, known mostly for punishing baseballs at the plate, isn’t too shabby a defender either.  Earlier in his career, Pujols played a serviceable third base and outfield for Tony LaRussa, before settling in at first base.  There he has won two Gold Glove Awards (’06, ’10).  Pujols has worn a […]

Pujols’ gear has been updated here. Just when everyone started believing Pujols might take his talents to South Beach, the Angels swooped in and signed the World Champion first baseman to a record-setting $254 million dollar contract.  Here’s what you can expect to make when you’ve got a .328 career […]

I want to give this a shot because I want to see what people think about this.  If you don’t mind, click the piece of a player’s repertoire that is most important to you: Take a moment and give one a click—-it’ll help me better the stuff we put on […]

Jacoby Ellsbury claims in the video below that he likes to keep a glove for a few seasons because he likes a well-broken in glove.  The glove we’ve seen him playing with the last few years is a custom Rawlings model PRO JE-46 (named for him and his first number, […]

Jacoby Ellsbury had a lot of critics in Boston prior to the 2011 season.  He was called “soft” for missing much of 2010 with a rib injury that he claimed was misdiagnosed by Red Sox team doctors, and even caught flak from teammate Kevin Youkilis in the media.  Ellsbury not […]

Chase Utley’s glove has been the same Rawlings Pro Preferred Pro-I Web that he’s been using as far back as WPW could see.  You can even see the light tan Rawlings in the below clip, a quick double play Utley turns in the 2008 World Series.  What you’ll also see […]

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