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Chase Utley is the type of player who can beat you any way he wants.  He can run, field, throw, and hit as well as anyone at his position, and he makes it all look easy (he shows it all here).  Utley swings a Marucci CU26 bat, a brand we’ve […]

Joe Mauer is Minnesota’s Golden Boy.  Born and raised in St. Paul, Mauer was a three-sport star in high school.  Like something of a fairytale, his boyhood team, the Minnesota Twins, drafted him number one overall in 2001.  Mauer has done his hometown proud, becoming the ONLY catcher in Major […]

Easton has proven to be our most difficult manufacturer to figure out.  What we know is that Kemp’s glove is a custom Easton H-Web model most similar to the epg 80b (see below).  This glove is readily available on many retail sites, but we found no colorway variations like the […]

Matt Kemp is making it look way too easy. Playing in Tinseltown, Kemp has made himself a household name, and not just as a ballplayer.  Not that we were around for the original, but he might just be the closest thing we’ll ever get to Joe DiMaggio.  Not only is […]

Tim Lincecum, a two-time CY Young Award winner, is known as “The Freak” because of how explosive he is as a pitcher despite his puny-looking, wiry frame.  Though his nickname might suggest that his success is some mysterious phenomenon, there is actually a perfectly good explanation—-Lincecum uses his body and […]

For a guy who won back-to-back Gold Glove Awards at shortstop in the two years prior, moving to third base in 2004 with the Yankees went far smoother than one would expect for a star of Alex Rodriguez’s caliber.  Not only did ARod keep any distaste for the move to […]

Alex Rodriguez needs no introduction.  Like him or not, the New York-native has been hitting the cover off the ball for 16 years.  People may see him as a prima donna, but we at What Pros Wear appreciate the prima donna, because he tends to be stylish…OK, so there are […]

We all know the intimate relationship we have with our gloves.  It, literally, is an extension of yourself, so there’s no wonder why ballplayers have such an affection for their glove.  Josh Hamilton is no different.  These interviews with Josh are just too good not to share: [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vljx1hOYnWA] [youtube […]

Note: This post has been updated, click here to see Hamilton’s latest gear. Josh Hamilton is best known for making the old Yankee Stadium look like a tee-ball field.  It was that jaw-dropping power that made him a #1 overall pick in 1999.  He harnesses that astounding torque in a […]

Note: This post has been updated, click here for Pedroia’s latest gear. Pedroia played through last season with a glove very similar to this new design.  His 2011 choice, the A2K DP15, can be seen at www.GLOVE-WORKS.com (scroll down a bit), a great glove collector forum.  His new design which showed […]

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