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Following up our 2017 MLB Glove Report and Catcher Report, here we’ll break down, MLB bats for the 2017 season.  What bats do pros swing?  Which brand makes the most popular bat in the MLB?  Read on to find out. Other good info for those shopping for wood bats: The Best […]

If you missed this bat back in July for the HR Derby, you must have been living under a rock.  When Victus unsheathed this masterpiece, it blew up bigger than any baseball gear we’ve ever seen. .@ElGarySanchez #hrderby bat game is KRAKEN ????? Bravo @VictusSports, sickest bat I’ve ever seen. […]

Easily the sickest bat I’ve ever seen!  Art and bombs, that’s what Victus does! Kraken barrel seems like an automatic moonshot every time.  I’m taking Gary in the Derby for this bat alone. “RELEASE THE KRAKEN” right there on the barrel.  If El Gary doesn’t use this I’m going to […]

Our most popular post now and for the last couple of seasons has been our “Top 3 Bat Brands Swung by MLB Stars” post.  We did that post in 2013, and its time for a much needed follow-up. A few words about the chart: Its not scientific. Our research is […]

View image | gettyimages.com We put an article out a couple of months ago about the Axe bat, by Baden, which studies have shown performs better than the round handle that has been baseball’s standard for 150 years.  In the article we showed Dustin Pedroia losing the grip on his traditional-handled bat, an occurrence […]

Brian Wilson customized his Jordan 12 cleats for Australia.  You can see the continent itself on the left along with a Koala and Kangaroos.  Cuz, you know, that’s all there is in Australia. No Crocodile Dundee is an embarrassing oversight. Johnny Gomes politely added some Victus wood to his collection […]

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