Bryce Harper’s Marucci CU7, BH34, Los15, MR24 Maple Bats

Our source at Marucci called Bryce Harper a “moving target,” and that’s a very accurate term. We’ve seen him swing Marucci, Chandler, Louisville, Tucci, and Old Hickory since we’ve been keeping track.

For Marucci, he’s ordered his own model, the BH24, the CU7, Carlos Beltran’s model (the Los15), and the MR24, Ian Desmond’s favorite Marucci named for Manny Ramirez. The Los15 is available under the old “CB15” moniker, and the CU7 is similar to the CU26 that is available. The others are much harder to find, though eBay can sometimes have them.  Measurements: 34 inch, 32 oz