Bryce Harper’s Under Armour Harper One All-Star Cleats

Bryce Harper’s first signature cleat from Under Armour is called the “Harper One.”  The model shown is his 2016 All Star cleat, and its available at the link.

You’ll notice that the retail version of the Harper One cleat has UA’s “Charged” foam, which is borrowed from the best basketball player in the world, Stephen Curry.  Learn more about Charged foam from our footwear expert, Ben Stockton.  Bryce’s plate is exclusive to Bryce; the Spine hybrid bottom that Bryce invented along with Under Armour, which he’s worn for several seasons.  He seems to love the front metals for cutting and molded back cleats for comfort.

How do you like Bryce’s first signature cleats?

We’d been on these for months.  See this link for more info.