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2019 DeMarini Voodoo Balanced USSSA Bat Review

2019 DeMarini Voodoo Balanced USSSA | $200

The 2019 DeMarini Voodoo Balanced -5 USSSA is a two-piece hybrid bat with an alloy barrel and composite handle. It offers a more traditional feel compared to modern full composite bats while utilizing the flex and vibration dampening properties of a composite handle. The Voodoo series has been one of DeMarini’s best sellers for years, especially in the BBCOR market.

The Look

The Voodoo is almost entirely silver. It’s a clean, crisp look.

Each side of the barrel features a different graphic, both in a camouflage pattern.

The “info” side of the barrel


The Voodoo’s handle is made from DeMarini’s Paraflex Plus composite, which is designed to reduce vibration in the hands and provides some flex in the bat. This is connected to the alloy barrel with the 3Fusion connection piece, which seems to offer a pretty stiff connection that limits the overall flex in the bat. The knob is DeMarini’s RCK knob, which is ergonomically shaped to fit more comfortably into your bottom hand. The grip is firm and features an indented pattern of ‘D’s’ that provide a better grip. Through the combination of all these features, DeMarini made the hitting experience as comfortable as possible for your hands.

The ergonomic RCK knob

Feel/Swing Weight

The Voodoo’s swing weight is by no means overwhelming, but it’s certainly not as light as DeMarini’s balanced full composite, the CF Zen. This is because the Voodoo’s X14 alloy barrel is naturally heavier than the CF’s composite barrel, meaning it will always be a little more top heavy in comparison. Still, it is a light bat that is going to feel very comfortable in the hands of the majority of hitters. A ton of college hitters love to swing the Voodoo, and for good reason.


The Voodoo performed extremely well in our cage testing. Because of its alloy barrel, there is no break in period required at all. It feels like it whips through the zone throughout the swing and feels a little stiffer at contact. This feel is a result of the composite handle (which has a little bit of flex) and alloy barrel (which is stiff). The 3Fusion connection piece and Paraflex Plus handle knock out the majority of painful vibrations in the hands, but it’s still possible to get some shock in your hands if you really mishit one. These vibrations make it easier for hitters to compare when they really get hold of one versus when they just missed it. It’s tougher to tell with full composites, but the Voodoo gives you a good feel for it while still killing the worst of the vibration. DeMarini’s X14 Alloy barrel is simply one of the best in the game, and the ball explodes off of it with a satisfying ping.


The Voodoo Balanced is a terrific bat that I put at the top of my two-piece hybrid rankings. With a balanced weight distribution, good feel through swing and contact, and a ton of pop, most hitters should feel very comfortable swinging DeMarini’s Voodoo.

2019 DeMarini Voodoo Balanced USSSA | $200

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