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Carlos Gonzalez (@CarGoMedia5) Just Dropped a Bomb on Instagram…

Carlos Gonzalez just threw this out to his Instagram followers, a new custom Nike glove that is unlike anything we’ve seen from them before.  A couple of things that stand out:

Is that mesh?  Looks like some kind of fabric and it is placed in the area between the ring and pointer finger (possibly even the thumb) where you’d normally see mesh.

The gold Swoosh: Nike’s way of celebrating CarGo’s 2013 Gold Glove, they were careful not to tread on Rawlings’ Gold Glove trademark which got Wilson in some hot water a couple of years ago.

We’re hoping to get more for you on this very soon.  You guys love it, hate it?  Will he wear it this year?  Let us know on Twitter and vote below.

One comment

  1. I see that Nick Swisher is next, he is my favorite player, so I might be able to help you with this one, Cleats: New Balance 4040’s, Guards: Benik E-401 & red evoshield (elbow) and he experimented with a red Evo leg guard at one point, Batting Gloves: Franklin Player Classic, colors, all red, navy & red, grey red & navy, and all white. Gloves: When in RF he donned a Custom A2000 with superskin, red palm, yellow logos on red background. 1B he has a black/silver A2K 2800, and a red/blue custom A200. Oakley sunglasses and he usually wears his wrists taped or franklin sweatbands. Bat: Nick swings a Tucci Lumber NS-33-M at a ripe 34″ 31oz in an array of sick looking colors

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