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Catcher’s Corner: First Look at @Easton_Baseball’s 2014 Gear

The new Easton gear came out a few days ago, so lets take a look at what they’ve got and who’s wearing it.

easton mako catcher

 The first set of new gear is called the Mako Set, the same set J.P. Arencibia brought out during his time with Team USA and the same set that he switched back and forth with the old Easton Force Protector. Here are pictures from April 2ndApril 22ndMay 15thJuly 19th. He finally decided on the new Mako stuff, for now. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy change gear that often in one year, catchers gear has to be a constant, something you shouldn’t worry about. You have to get used to the feel of a certain set over a season. It would be distracting to me, but I guess it’s not to Arencibia.


The other set of new Easton gear is the Force set. I like this one much better. In fact I wouldn’t mind throwing these on with my MVP2500 and playing a few seasons with it. The Mako set just seems more complicated. The Force Leg Guards don’t look like an alien bug look like the no nonsense gear I want and the Force Chest Protector seems to offer a lot more protection around the sides of your ribs than the Mako. I’m glad they took the old Force protector and added some padding to it, makes it look better and function better. When I’m going to buy $200 worth of gear, I don’t want to mess around. The Force set is the no nonsense set I look for.

 This is also the new set of gear Easton churns out every year and gives the LLWS kids to wear every year in Williamsport. And I always find it funny that the Little League catchers have to keep the little flap that velcros on to the protector.


I talked about Salvador Perez in my last post and his change to an MVP4000 because of his concussion that kept him on the DL. Well he went back to the traditional mask a few days ago but not without a little bit of experimenting. His first game back with the traditional mask he was wearing an All Star FM25TI mask, the titanium counterpart to the steel FM25LUC Salvy wore before the concussion. He then switched right back to the steel mask a day later. Interesting little tidbit.

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