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Catcher’s Corner: In-Depth Look at Brian McCann’s @MizunoBaseball and @AllStarSports Gear


On July 4th Brian McCann brought out an old piece from the locker last night. And as you can see from the picture above, McCann used a two piece Mizuno G2 Mask last night after over a year of wearing the All Star MVP4000 hockey style mask. What’s even more strange about the switch is that McCann switched during the game, as we can see from this ESPN video. In the fourth inning he has the hockey mask on, then in the 9th inning he is wearing the two piece we see above. As we can see from the box score, he was the only catcher for the Braves during that game. Did something happen? Was there a problem with the hockey mask? I don’t know. Any help on this subject would be appreciated.

McCann used the two piece mask for almost all of the first seven seasons of his Major League career, using two different brands, Nike and Mizuno. Although McCann did have a stint in 2009 where he wore an All Star MVP2300 because the mask made more room for his glasses which corrected the vision problems that he had at the time.  When he switched to the hockey mask last year he said “I tried it once before and didn’t really give it a chance,” it was more of an experiment than a serious change for McCann.

McCann’s game mask has changed from time to time. Here he is in 2005 with a navy Mizuno G2 Mask. Here he is in 2008 with a steel navy Nike mask instead of a Mizuno G2 Mask. Here he is in 2010 with a white Mizuno G2 mask, then in 2011 with a Nike titanium mask. And in 2012, he finally switched to a navy and red MVP4000. He said he switched because of the much better sight lines, and the breeze he got from it. He also said that he had no plans to switch back to a two piece mask. And that brings us to July 4 of 2013, where McCann switched back to a red Mizuno two piece mask in the middle of a regular season game.

Its also worth noting that McCann as a rookie used a Rawlings glove?  That was before McCann was the Mizuno ambassador.


Seems like Astro’s All Star catcher Jason Castro has switched up his Nike gear. He switched from a First Generation Nike Protector back to a 2nd Generation Nike Pro Gold Chest Protector which he used prior to this year with the old Astro’s colors. There is also a few noticeable changes in the color scheme as well. Instead of a secondary colored shoulder guard, he now uses a primary colored shoulder guard. He also uses a white outline instead of a primary color outline. His Wilson A2403 1791 ST mitt that can be seen here.

Source Before the switch



  1. Speaking of changing gear in the middle of the game, in his 2013 season debut, Zack Greinke changed his Nikes out for Under Armours.

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  3. Man that pic of him using rawlings thats some ugly mizuno gear

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