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Catcher’s Corner: Jeff Mathis

Scott City high school catcher wearing some yellow and blue System 7 and some old Rawlings glove. Cool System 7 gear though.

Kentucky Catcher wearing the Nike Pro Gold chest protector and shin guards with a little “UK” on his collar. Also has an All Star Sun Visor.
Source (Kevin Pataky/MiLB.com) This is the titanium Mizuno mask,
a thinner, lighter version that has less give than the steel mask, resulting
in a lighter, but potentially more dangerous mask.

Well would you look at who is back in the Major Leagues, Jeff Mathis. A career .197 hitter. Amazing. He’s off the DL and making 1.5 million a year. Still wears the Mizuno Pro he wore with the Blue Jays but doesn’t wear the titanium Mizuno mask like he did last year. But this year, he wears  the standard steel Mizuno mask.

Source (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee) This is the steel Mizuno mask
a heavier mask that bends easier than the titanium, taking more
force off your face.
John Baker, a good example of a catcher who uses different brands of gear to complete his set. He uses a Mizuno Pro chest protector and shin guards, an All Star MVP4000, a standard hockey style mask in the Majors, and a Rawlings PROJP20MX glove. Also, how about those ugly Padres jerseys–John Cena anybody? No? Ok. Still very ugly jerseys.

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  1. Is that not a Primo mitt that high schooler is using?

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