Catcher’s Corner: Jose Lobaton’s Tri-Color #Rays All Star Gear

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Woah. Looks like Jose Lobaton switched up the catchers gear a bit. First time I’ve ever seen a Rays catcher wear yellow on a protector. Comes from the star in the Ray’s logo. I’ve always thought it would be interesting if a Ray’s catcher that wore an MVP4000 wore a navy primary, a white secondary and then a yellow outline on his gear so he could pull a Koyie Hill and use the third color on his MVP4000. But that still hasn’t happened. Anyway, Lobaton wears a regular All Star set with a CP30PRO protector and a set of LG30PRO shinguards, with a few oddities. First off he is a frontbrimmer, he wears his mask with his skull cap brim pointed out, and second he uses the custom All Star black glove that his teammate Jose Molina also wears. He switched from a regular CM3000 which he talks about in a All Star Youtube video. The photo below is after Lobaton suffered two straight hits to the head area. Caught by a foul tip then the very next pitch getting hit by a backswing. Hope you’re all right Jose, know those don’t feel good.

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Stephen Vogt was called up to the Oakland A’s a few days ago. Vogt has always been an All Star user while he was in Tampa Bay and in AAA Sacramento. Vogt wears a regular set of System 7, an All Star FM25TI mask and an All Star All Star CM3000XSBT 32 inch glove.  His System 7 Protector and Shinguards also look cool in Oakland’s yellow and green colors. He also wears an All Star wrist guard and a black Delta Flex harness for your facemask, seen here.




Tony Sanchez was also called up a few days ago to the Pirates because of the teams upcoming road trip against numerous lefties (he’s a right-handed hitter). Sanchez wears a simple set of Third Generation Nike gear. More specifically an  Elite Chest Protector and a set of Elite Shinguards. He also wears a black Wilson A2000 M1 mitt which can be seen here. He also wears a visor on his titanium Nike mask. Read more about his promotion here.

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  1. What kind of shoes does Jose Lobaton use?

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